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Welcome to True Capitalist Radio Wiki!

Welcome to the wiki of our favorite Capitalist, Ghost. You are here because you are one of the many groups that love Ghost, one way or another, so you may have listened to True Conservative, True Capitalist Radio, Saturday Night Troll Show on BlogTalkRadio and or his YouTube/VaughnLIVE/Periscope/DLive broadcast, The Ghost Show (along with the two spin-offs Spontaneous Sunday Show and The Baller Friday Show), or maybe found him through the many YouTube videos of him. Here you will find a collection of material all about our favorite BTR host, the callers, the trolls, and the community. Feel free to join, add/edit articles, and give our admins input! A link to his BlogTalkRadio page can be found right here, his blog here and his YouTube channel here.

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ. If your question isn't answered here, then ask one of our remaining admins or active users!

Latest Broadcasts (VaughnLIVE)

The Ghost Show Episode 264

Latest Podcasts (Spotify)

Capitalist Episode 644 (Soft reboot, aired as Episode 565)

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Video of the Now

TGS Episode 264 Shoutouts/Radio Graffiti

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Here are links for large downloads containing TCR Episodes:

TCR 2016 Full Archive


TCR /TSNTS 2017 All Episodes up to The Break


Credit of these Ad-Free downloads go to Ukog-Nos Takeuchi‏ who sent the links for these to Pylons.