Where's Kira

Where's Kira was a Canadian failtroll who often called Ghost and asked him, as her namesake, where Kira is.

Kira lives in Manitoba with a 204 area code and has a speech impediment.

Kira is an Engrish pronunciation of Killer from the anime and manga Death Note. It is believed she is referencing this.

Ghost often told her to "Keep eating, fatty!" He once gave out her number, leading to her being doxxed, after which it was discovered that her entire family was just as obese and obnoxious as her. Because of this, Where's Kira is considered, by far, to be the most fail and flat-out annoying failtroll in the 2011-2012 era of the show. She managed to trigger cans.wav twice; once when she was eating as she was trying to troll Ghost (as seen in video above) and again during Capitalist Episode 204 by ending a trio of calls calling Ghost Alex Jones.

After The Return, a caller sounding very similar to her called into the show in Episode 293. The caller tried to piss of ghost by frequently calling Ghost by names, however Ghost quickly got irritated with the caller's inexperience and threw out her number in the air. Whether or not this was Where's Kira currently remains unknown.