2020 October Hiatus

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Ghost's October Hiatus was a hiatus that started after the 195th episode of The Ghost Show on October 1, 2020 and ended on November 10, 2020. This marks the first time in a few years since The Break that Ghost took a hiatus. Along with one of the longest hiatuses known.

Ghost Moves his Equipment

During episode 195 of TGS, Ghost took the following Saturday off to move his studio equipment to another room in his home to avoid hearing the noisy motorbikes in his recording room. As the following Tuesday came, many listeners questioned where Ghost was. Eventually Ghost posted later on Ghost.report [1] of returning on October 13, 2020. This promise later fell through after he didn't return. Ghost posted again [2] stating he had to take more time off due to personal reasons. While also yelling at trolls that he didn't catch Coronavirus.

Templeton's Death

On October 20, 2020, Ghost posted the real reason he was gone [3] due to Templeton dying from cancer on the Friday before. Ghost then got angered over that not only did Templeton die but that the veterinarian visit costed him $1200 dollars. Ghost also discussed returning (with little guarantee) of returning again on October 22, 2020. A show would not occur on October 22nd.

Reactions and Questions Over Ghost's Absence

Due to Ghost's absence, many speculate that Ghost has taken another hiatus due to fear that trolls will make fun of Templeton's death, Ghost worrying over Donald Trump being diagnosed with Coronavirus, and Ghost still mourning the loss of Templeton. This has caused many listeners to question when Ghost will return to broadcast another stream. With many thinking he will do a show on Halloween or on Election Day. The hiatus has caused a division in the community on many either: sympathizing with Ghost and that he should take time to relax and condemn trolling Ghost with jokes towards Templeton's death. While many others, growing impatient over Ghost's hiatus and think jokes related to Templeton's death is inevitable.

Ghost Responds

Ghost posted the day after Election Day on Ghost.report [4], showing his concerns over Joe Biden most likely becoming president and that his prediction of a "loser revolution" he made from 10 years ago came true. Ghost stated that he will come back to streaming another episode the following week. With many in doubt of him showing up due to Ghost's many broken promises of returning during the hiatus. Ghost returned on November 10th, 2020 with the airing of the 196th episode of The Ghost Show; ending the hiatus.