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★ ★ ★ Winner of: TCR Troll of the Year at the 2011 Ghosties ★ ★ ★

213's profile picture.

WHAT? What the hell, do you, you disgusting waste of human life, you entitlement-mooching piece of crap, you...child-abusing piece of ghettofied garbage, what do you have to say to me!?

—Ghost, describing Ghetto Capitalist

Yeah, baby!

—213's usual catchphrase 

Ghetto Capitalist, also known as Caller 213 (his usual area code, though he occasionally calls from area code 478) and Ghetto Ghost, was a long-time troll of True Capitalist Radio hailing from Compton, California and currently living in Georgia. In 213's calls, a screaming baby was often heard in the background. 213 pretends to be a capitalist, but in fact he gets by on welfare, EBTs, and nefarious schemes involving the trading of welfare for drugs. His calls can be easily identified both due to the screaming baby in the background and his habit of filling sentences with "baby".

213 is regarded as a king of trolling, as he was one of the most successful and popular trolls on True Capitalist Radio history and his calls were usually among the ones to receive the greatest reactions from Ghost. His mere presence was often more than enough to cause Ghost to cans.wav.

'Ghetto' Capitalism

Ghetto Capitalist's early phone calls mostly consisted of him bragging to Ghost about receiving welfare entitlements. However, as time went on, Ghetto Capitalist began to start to consider himself a capitalist. He and his friend, Pookie, often organized scams and plots to increase his benefits or make money off of his entitlements. Examples of this are scams like collecting benefits from two different states or money making ventures like using his EBT to buy vegetable seeds and grow vegetables to sell. These attempts at "ghetto capitalism" annoyed Ghost to the point where at one point, 213 calls were banned (although Ghost, in typical fashion started taking them again not too long afterwards).

Ghetto capitalist used to have a YouTube channel, but he closed it down during Ghost's 4 year absence.


On 4/20 2011, 213 called the True Capitalist Radio broadcast while smoking marijuana at a public park. A few minutes into the conversation, gun shots were heard as a drive-by was executed on the park.

213 is famous for his first of da' month block parties and another two day party.

During Ghost's coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protests, called up from Occupy LA. On February 25th, 2011, Ghetto Capitalist autotuned his baby to make him "cry like T-Pain". Ghost found this particularly funny.

During the end of 2011, Ghetto's baby was heard coughing harshly and repeatedly. 213 revealed that his baby had whooping cough to the displeasure of Ghost. There were a series of calls where the baby was not heard as it was in the hospital because of the whooping cough. However the baby was brought back during a Paltalk chat and the baby was still alive and well.

On Jan 17th, 2012 (soon after Martin Luther King day) he made a version of Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" speech.

Ghost's Return

When Ghost returned in 2016, Ghetto Capitalist made three calls to the show overall.

He first called Ghost on his first full episode in four years congratulating him for his return and giving props to Ted Cruz for having sex with countless women.

Ghetto Capitalist came back once again in the aftermath of 2016 MaskedPony Incident during episode 283 to cheer Ghost up. Ghost was extremely frustrated since 213 had chosen the worse timing imaginable for him. He told Ghost that he's still knee deep in the Ghetto Capitalist Revolution and that his calls are a big conspiracy to silence Ghost. Ghost theorized that since he didn't hear Ghetto Capitalist's baby in the background, he had sold his kid for a crack rock.

On Capitalist Episode 287, the Ghetto Ghost made a serious call discussing Obama's refugee importation plan. He claimed that, using the current numbers, the government would have to bring in a refugee every minute and some-odd-seconds of bureaucratic work. Throughout the call he made references to the refugees taking his EBT.

Ghetto Capitalist was largely absent following this, however he was still somewhat active on Twitter, under the name @213baby213, until this was suspended at an unknown point in 2018. An impersonator of the Ghetto Capitalist called during Episode 21 of The Ghost Show, but he was hung up on when Ghost realized the caller was a poser.

Other characters

213 also used to call into shows other than Ghost's (mostly conservative shows). One of the characters he played was Racist Romney Supporter. He used a New Jersey area code & called into shows to use racial slurs on those shows & voice support for Mitt Romney during the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election.