386SX Computer

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Too bad your dumbass little 386SX computer sucks the chrome off of a '57 Chevy Bumper, BECAUSE WE COULDN'T UNDERSTAND YOUR ASS! HAHAHAHAHAA!

—Ghost, after witnessing a caller with poor audio quality
An actual 386SX computer. Does not include Obamaphone-level audio quality.

Ghost frequently refers to a 386SX computer as the device used by failtrolls with poor audio quality. The real 386SX was among the most prominent computer processors of the late 1980s but is extremely outdated and poorly-functioning compared with modern processors (and would be impossible to even run Skype on). Thus, Ghost uses it as an exaggerated blanket term for old computers, despite the fact that a Skype caller's sound quality should be more due to their microphone and internet quality.


Sketch of the real Obamaphone sold in Kenya after Obama's inauguration. The quality is about what you'd expect from a $30 phone.

A related term that he began to use in June 2016 for similarly bad call quality from traditional phone calls is Obamaphone. The term was originally used by conservatives for Lifeline, an American government program to subsidize phone service for the poor dating back to 1985 (and throughout the years, expanded to include cell phone and more recently, internet service). Ghost began applying it to the phones of trolls with bad sound quality around the same time that the "386SX computer" moniker became outmoded due to the disabling of BlogTalkRadio's Skype integration. The phrase fell back into favor again with the frequency of Anonymous callers via Google Hangouts. The primary example of someone with a 386SX is a Cleveland Show Caller, as many of his calls will have poor audio quality due to having so many lines calling Ghost at once.

Obama Internet

Another related term he recently began using during The Ghost Show is Obama Internet.

Trolls have also used this to piss off Ghost whenever Ghost's stream started buffering, especially on VaughnLIVE.

Obama Computer

A more recent term he began to use in place of "386SX Computer" is "Obama Computer", for the same purpose.

When Ghost got his new PC, a Corsair i160 (worth $5000 according to Ghost) gaming computer, he began livestreaming from it for the Saturday Night Show Episode 11. However, he was having technical difficulties with the sound not working, prompting trolls to make fun of his computer as a result. Every now and then, he would have issues with the PC sound cutting out mid-show.

This also has affected Radio Graffiti at least twice.

Obama Stream

Due to VaughnLIVE's limited bandwidth and a tendency for servers to reach full capacity unless one has a VIP subscription, trolls have begun calling VaughnLIVE the Obamastream of livestreaming platforms, angering Ghost at first.