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Alright folks, we are now OFF the air at this point in time; we are no longer broadcasting on the BlogTalkRadio player, the only way you're listening to this is if you're still in the call, or if you're listening in the archives.

—Ghost, introducing a segment of After Show

True Capitalist Radio

After Show refers to any time spent after the three-hour/180 minute mark, or the two-hour/120 minute mark is reached on an episode of True Capitalist Radio. Ghost's show is normally three hours long (was two hours between March and September 2016, extended back to 3), and he typically spends the last 20 to 30 minutes of it in Radio Graffiti. If he is in a good mood, has not been forced off early by the callers, and has a little bit of extra time to spend on the show rather than drink on Sixth Street, then Ghost may decide to stay on the air for as long as 40+ more minutes. The 200th episode in 2012 was 47 minutes longer than usual (the maximum time a 3 hour show can go over is 60 minutes), clocking in at 227 minutes, making it the longest episode of True Capitalist and Conservative Radios.

Some time in early September 2016, BlogTalkRadio temporarily stopped archiving the post-show hour, meaning the only way you could hear this part of the show was through relays and recordings (e.g. TheBronyNetwork's stream VOD). Ghost said that he would extend the show back to three hours, and it happened as planned on September 23, 2016. The post-show began being archived again shortly after it stopped in early September, with no reason given as to why it was temporarily missing.

What does Ghost do in After Show?

Ghost normally takes additional Radio Graffiti calls for the remainder of his show, granted that he is extending it. After a show ends on the BlogTalkRadio player, listeners can no longer call into the show number, or listen to who is left on the queue. Ghost 'runs down his list' of remaining numbers for the end of Radio Graffiti, sometimes kicking them off one by one if he is in a bad mood, until there is nobody left listening, in which he will most likely end the show there and then.

After Show presents listeners with more opportunities to troll Ghost with, and he sometimes gives earlier callers a second chance to speak again. Ghost normally rages himself out of an After Show to end the show off well, whether this be from a rogue Skype caller, prior anger during his normal show extending over, or he may simply just leave without warning if he gets bored.

In earlier episodes, Ghost would do Chatroom Shoutouts for everyone still listening on his BTR page (most of whom would still be in the caller queue), kicking out offensive names. Once he had run through the list, he would either end the show, or take a few more callers. Sometimes Twitter Shoutouts would be done in place, since the Chatroom closed in February 2012.

Ghost would sometimes announce to his listeners that he would go to the Paltalk page immediately after ending a show, in ways 'extending' the broadcast into a casual chatting session with Capitalist Army members. This was for a while, no longer the case after The Return, however since the formation of the Inner Circle Ghost is now communicating with members of the Capitalist Army on more than a show/twitter basis again.

However, After Show was a central part of True Capitalist Radio after the Return. Because shows were an hour shorter than they used to be for nearly 6 months, Ghost opted to add After Show time to nearly every broadcast he conducted during this time to extend Radio Graffiti when he didn't leave enough time for it after political discussion. Ghost often would conduct anywhere from 8 to 25 more minutes of Radio Graffiti depending on his mood, usually interspersed with a rant in-between a call. Sometimes he would call on a Serious Caller (most commonly Asho) to introduce a new discussion topic. Since the show was extended to 3 hours, the post-show became a rarer occurrence again.

After several months of absence, Ghost did a post-show on Episode 472, where he took a few calls and went off on the Inner Circle leaker, putting a bounty on his head. Ghost did his longest post-show ever for his 10 year anniversary on Episode 523, spending almost an entire hour making a long rant about why he really goes on rants about autists, only being cut off when BlogTalkRadio abruptly ended the show at the 4 hour mark. Since Ghost's departure from BlogTalkRadio, the post-show has been effectively a part of the main show, though often not by choice. Now that Ghost's show is independent, Ghost can end the show whenever he wants, and isn't cut off at the 3 hour mark anymore, meaning most shows end up going at least a few minutes over the mark.

The Ghost Show

An After Show refers to any episode of The Ghost Show when Ghost forgets to hang up the Radio Graffiti line. This can last anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour, where you can hear him ramble about various topics, seemingly unaware that there are people still connected to Radio Graffiti and are able to listen to him. He sometimes reads donations sent to him during this segment, or reads the chat. Unlike during the show, Ghost will not hold back against saying certain slurs.