Alabama Black Snake

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Alabama blacksnake looking for the closest TGI Fridays. This line of behavior has been widely observed among Alabama blacksnakes throughout Junkyard America.

Alabama Black Snake is a term used by Ghost the host of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast to refer to a large African-American penis. Ghost often uses the phrase when asking younger trolls where their dirty dishrag whore of a "mammy" is and why she isn't there watching them, saying their mother has gone to Applebee's or T.G.I. Friday's looking for Alabama Black Snake at Happy Hour. Asho is probably the most well-known target of this accusation from Ghost, and usually feeds the fire by calling in and talking about his mother's alleged recent experience at one of the above-mentioned locations.

Some callers call up claiming they are wielding one, but Ghost easily shoots any falsifications down. However, he did make a reference to EquestrianCitizen978's Alabama Black Snake in Capitalist Episode 189. Some splices, Twitter, Gab and Chatroom names and calls have used this term, much to Ghost's annoyance when it is projected at him, or one of his family members.

Ghost has politicized the idea of the Alabama Black Snake before, such as in Capitalist Episode 151 and 156, where he criticized Sarah Palin for her preference for Alabama Black Snake, with reference to a controversial biography that claims she had liaisons with black men.

During the return, there were quite a bit of splices of Ghost's wife getting some Alabama Black Snake. There was even a Twitter name referencing RaidenSnake and Alabama Black Snake, both of which elicited cans reactions.



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