Alcoholic Ghost

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Ghost has long been accused of being an alcoholic. He began drinking alcohol during his broadcast, live, as far back as the True Conservative days and has since made it a staple of his shows. Ghost often stops the broadcast, after the conclusion of a particular segment or after regaining his calm from a troll, to announce that he's taking a sip of his beer. His drink of choice is Johnnie Walker Blue Label, which he can be heard consuming during nearly every single episode of True Capitalist Radio, often in large amounts.

Ghost finds the accusations of his alcoholism upsetting and rebuts them, claiming that he is not an alcoholic, but rather a 'connoisseur'. Ghost has been known to use the phrase "Kentucky Fried Chicken Piss" to refer to alcoholics who drink for the sake of getting drunk.

Ghost has often stated that his heavy alcohol usage stems from the current state of America and his disgust towards it. Ghost has often mentioned that he used to live a republican lifestyle that prohibited him from using alcohol, however the increasingly bad situation of the county as well as his increasing disillusion towards The Republican Party eventually began driving him into drinking.

To make matters worse, Ghost often, while raging at trolls or just at the world in general, throws and smashes what sounds like beer cans around his office, leading listeners to believe that he is broadcasting from a mountain of beer cans. This has led to much fan art featuring Ghost, a raging alcoholic, screaming digitally at internet trolls from his mountain of beer cans.

Ghost's supposed alcoholism has been referenced in many trolls, including the song "Melting Pot of Alcohol" by DJ Alex S. Ghost can frequently be heard being called, by fail trolls, an alcoholic during Radio Graffiti as they desperately grope to find any insult that will stick and are soon subjected to Ghost's much more potent return volley of insults.

Ghost (attempts) to quit drinking

Around the end of March 2017, Ghost temporarily stopped drinking on air, seemingly for health reasons. He was subsequently mocked by trolls in essentially every episode for a week for his "unmanly" and out-of-character abstinence, causing a large amount of rage. He initially regretted the condition, but over the course of the week he recognized that his drinking habits were unhealthy after finding how difficult it was for him to not drink for an extended period.

This period of abstinence was short-lived, as Ghost went back to his alcoholic ways in the particularly troll-infested Capitalist Episode 482. Throughout that week, he was bombarded by Twitter and Gab names referencing the alcohol abstinence, for example, "Crypto Beer Money" and "AA Meeting at 7PM". Radio Graffiti that week wasn't much better for him, as trolls continued trying to get him to drink, leading to Friday's meltdown. After the incident, he tried to be sober again, but in Capitalist Episode 485, he was provoked by trolls to drink again, and was also made fun of for "falling off the wagon".

Ghost attempted to give up alcohol once again in November 2017, stating that years of drinking had caused him to build up such a tolerance that beer no longer got him drunk. Ghost broke his streak of sobriety on Christmas Eve during Episode 523. Although trolls were quick to accuse Ghost of "falling off the wagon", Ghost assured them that he was only drinking for the occasion - words that ultimately fell flat when he drank more than an entire six pack of beer on New Year's Eve during Episode 526, claiming in rage that the trolls were "driving him to drink". Ghost let slip in this episode that years of alcoholism had caused him to develop "bleeding ulcers and all sorts of other things in my insides", proving that Ghost's critics were right in assuming that Ghost's alcoholism has caused him to develop serious health problems.

During his time of sobriety, Ghost had tried finding alternatives to alcohol, such as plain water, tea, and soda pop, all of which inspired news trolls in form of shoutouts, (eg. "soda is cucked beer").