Aleksandr Dugin

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Aleksandr Dugin is a Russian political analyst and founder of the now banned National Bolshevik Party and its successor, The Other Russia Party. Dugin is the creator of the ideology known as National Bolshevism, which combines what he considers the best points of Capitalism, Communism and Fascism to create what he calls the "Fourth Political Theory". Nicknamed "Putin's Brain," he is a powerful political figure in Russia. He is also known to have relationships with many high-ranking Russian political and military personnel, and he has gained much infamy worldwide for his frequent calls to start World War III just to see what would happen as well as his enthusiastic support of Donald Trump's presidency.

Dugin forms an integral part of Ghost's ongoing Conspiracy Theories. Ghost believes that Dugin is collaborating with the Deep State and trying to do everything he can to undermine Trump's presidency. Ghost theorizes that the purported Russian hackings of the DNC servers where in fact a false flag orchestrated by Dugin, and that the Alt-Right is a "psy-op" created by Dugin to further undermine Trump's presidency. Additionally, Ghost has claimed that Far-Right figures such as Richard Spencer are collaborating with Dugin and the deep state.