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★ ★ ★ Winner of: Best Remix at the 2011 Ghosties ★ ★ ★

DJ Alex S., currently known as Andromulus is an ex-brony music producer, responsible for the popular Melting Pot of Alcohol remix. The song was reported to have received some airplay on a local radio station. Ghost even tweeted the video on his Twitter account. Ghost frequently pronounced his name as "Alexis"; this is merely a mispronunciation for facetiousness, like many other of Ghost's famous mispronunciations.

Ghost held a strong hatred of him for a few months, but eventually cooled off when he realized that the infamous remix was getting him some positive attention (despite it coming mostly from Bronies), and eventually took him off the Shitlist (or at least stop referring him to it). Alex S rarely interacts with the True Capitalist Radio community, and did not call in to give a speech for his award during the 2011 Ghosties. Nevertheless, he remained very popular after creating the remix, and went on to become a successful musician inside and later outside the brony community.

Alex S. has not acknowledged Ghost's return and currently goes under the name Andromulus, having abandoned his brony ways and deleted his older musical content.


DJ Alex S. closed his Twitter and YouTube accounts temporarily, in an effort to thwart hacking and DOXing attempts by the NCF in 2012.

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