Amy Daly

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★ ★ ★ Winner of: Best Transtesticle at the 2016 Ghosties ★ ★ ★

✩ ✩ ✩ Obtained an Honorable Mention for Best Investigative Journalist at the 2016 Ghosties ✩ ✩ ✩


I am a regular listener to True Capitalist Radio on blog talk radio. It is a pretty popular show. The show is hosted by conservative radio show host ‘Ghost’ who does not like to admit that he is in to transsexuals, but I am pretty sure he is.

—From a January 2012 blog post 

Amy Daly (real name Athena Del Rosario) is a transgender porn star who was a regular caller on the True Capitalist Radio broadcast. She was best known for her frequent flirtation and sexual advances towards Ghost, who was disgusted by them. Despite this, Ghost had respect for her until the incident that led to her getting kicked out of the Inner Circle, calling her a "fellow capitalist" because she is making money from her porn site.

In a prank call during Episode 189, Amy claimed that she had plans to create a pornographic parody of True Capitalist Radio called "Take Ten Steps Toward My Buttcrack". She offered to let Ghost portray himself in the film, but he not-so-politely declined. The porno was never actually made, and it's uncertain if Daly was being serious, but it's true that she has actually starred in a handful of adult films.

She was compared to, and verbally attacked by, Tina, another transgender who regularly flirted with Ghost until he stopped taking her calls in March 2012.

The Return

After Ghost's return in 2016, Amy Daly called Ghost during Episode 242, telling Ghost that she was triggered from his comment a few shows ago about the North Carolina law that banned transgender people from accessing opposite gender bathrooms. Ghost seemingly didn't recognize her during the call since the last four years. Since then she called the show every now and then, usually about the North Carolina bathroom issue.

When trolls started to make jokes about Vietnam and Ghost subsequently started to show symptoms of PTSD on the show, Amy called in to defend Ghost from the trolls, which Ghost was quite appreciative of, though he once again seemingly failed to recognize her.

Amy actually became one of the members of the Inner Circle as evidenced by her being followed by Ghost on Twitter. This was further evidenced by her being in both Inner Circle chats held by Ghost thus far, with Ghost having a positive reaction to her comments. She was one of the members doxed during the Inner Circle Bounty Hunt incident.

Ghost confirmed that Daly was a member of the Inner Circle during Capitalist Episode 429 when he awarded her the coveted "Transtesticle of the Year" award. Ghost praised her once again for her capitalist enterprises and longtime support of Donald Trump as an LGBT individual, and stated that she contributed to his change in heart regarding transgender related issues.

Amy was kicked out of the Inner Circle along with other members during the Inner Circle Purge in May 2017. She herself claimed that she was kicked for posting supposed "fake news" into the Inner Circle chatroom, while other IC members have claimed that she was kicked because she suddenly started picking fights in the Discord server during the purge. This was one of the incidents, which led Ghost to develop an increasingly negative image towards transgender people.