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I don't want you listening to me, I don't want you following me... and when I did that show it seemed like suddenly I had all these goddamn pieces of anime watching trash patronizing my show all of the sudden...

—Ghost, on Anime fans

Anime (pronounced "a-ni-mee" by Ghost) is the commonly used term to refer to Japanese animation. The term is a shortening from the Japanese word animeeshon. Anime is probably most famous for its distinct visual style of giving characters big eyes, small mouth and flat face. Unlike western animation production which is mostly geared towards children, anime production is targeted for wide variety of age and gender demographics. Fans of anime are commonly refereed to in the west as Otakus or the more pejorative Weeaboos.

Though anime related calls and Twitter names have definitely always had a place in TCR history, it was typically left behind the likes of bronies and SpongeBobbies. The amount of anime fans calling TCR was on a steady rise with Ghost's return in 2016 due to the declining number of bronies since the 2012 broadcasts, and ultimately exploded with the below discussed Ghost's anti-anime rant in late April, 2016.

Anti-Anime Rant

Ghost has been mostly indifferent or mildly irritated towards anime fans in TCR history, likely because he's usually had worse groups to worry about such as bronies and homosexuals. However on the 24th of April 2016 Ghost spoke over Twitter with Texas delegate Randall Dunning in which he tweeted an anime picture to Ghost. After this, Ghost has begun to hate the fandom almost as much, if not more than bronies. He made an entire two hour long drunken Sunday rant dedicated to just how worthless wastes of human lives he thinks they are, calling them out as basement dwelling pedophiles who do nothing but mooch on society and masturbate to drawn little girls, even going as far as encouraging them to commit suicide.

Unsurprisingly, Ghost's insults only managed to get turned against himself the very next day when the show got hit by numerous anime related calls and Twitter shoutouts. Ghost theorized that the sudden influx of anime fans was because they loved the abuse that he was dishing out on them and they where in a dire need of a beating anyways. The show has since flooded with anime trolls, calls and viewers.

See also

  • Touhou - a Japanese Bullet Hell Video Game series with its own large fanbase, largely connected to Anime fandom
  • Raidensnake - a serious caller to True Capitalist Radio who it has been claimed multiple times is a fan of anime. Raiden denies this, claiming that he takes no interest in anime.