Anti-Fascist Action

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Anti-Fascist Action, better known as Antifa, is a loosely organized international political activist group that originated in 1930s Germany, composed of various left-wing movements ranging from Marxists and Anarcho-Syndicalists to Environmentalists and Liberal Democrats, who fight against various far-right political movements. While the members political views vary greatly, modern Antifa members generally share anti-racist, anti-nationalist, pro-LGBT and pro-social justice views. Antifa has become infamous for its frequent use of violent methods to suppress its opposition, ranging from destroying garbage cans on public property to attacking the homes of suspected far-right sympathizers.

Being a radical left-wing organization, it's not too surprising that Ghost greatly despises Antifa, to the point that he has openly supported the idea of throwing their members down from a flying helicopter Pinochet style (even selling merchandise related to it). Like with Black Lives Matter and ISIS, Ghost generally likes to blame Antifa for any recent terrorist attack taking place on US soil. Antifa's membership being mostly comprised of Millennials, a group he greatly despises, does not help his opinion of them.

He also believes that the organization is being funded by Hungarian-Jewish businessman, George Soros, in an attempt to stop the rise of right and give the justification to set up a tyrannical left-wing regime. Some trolls have claimed that Antifa is going to make Ghost their next target because of his political views and vocal opposition towards their actions. Ghost finds these threats to be completely ridiculous because of the femininity of their members and has threatened to beat them all up or shoot them on sight if these plans were to come into fruition.