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One of the many regular trolls that used to call Ghost in 2011-2012, KneeSlappington was a caller who usually takes on the persona of The Austin Vibrator. Using an Austin, Texas area code, he called Ghost and imitated a vibrator by playing an audio clip of a humming sound from one of the Fenslerfilm G.I. Joe parodies. This usually resulted in Ghost quickly hanging up and mumbling something about "that damned vibrator again..." before moving on. Although he mainly used the Austin Area Code, 512, he was known to use other Area Codes such as 703 and 571 to call Ghost on.

There have been a few remixes of the Vibrator as well as a couple Twitter Names in possible reference to it, such as "AlaskanVibrator," "VibratedGranny" and "The Nicaraguan Vibrator" which have annoyed Ghost, the latter two driving him to trigger cans.wav in response. A Skype caller known as "PoopSlappington" (most likely a portmanteau of KneeSlappington and Pooptickler) sometimes called in with vibrator remixes. Many unoriginal callers have attempted to imitate The Austin Vibrator, of course failing, with Ghost commenting on them needing to 'take ten steps away from the microphone, as it is not their father's penis'. Ghost occasionally refers to the vibrator sound, regardless of who is playing it, as an attempt to "fellate [him] over the internet".

Other than his vibrator, KneeSlappington occasionally made splices and remixes, some of which have gotten Ghost irritated. A splice he made about Ghost's granddaughter ("I'm gonna have my granddaughter do the black guy handshake on my half inch penis!"), played on December 16, 2011's show, caused Ghost to rage for 9 and a half minutes, to the point of where Ghost actually cried for the first time on-air.

When the Engineer took over the show on December 14th, he put KneeSlappington on the horn. After the vibrator had played for roughly 4 minutes, he started crying and trying to understand what he was doing, just before Ghost came back. KneeSlappington later 'apologized' to him (via Ghost's Twitter, who was not amused at either person), much to the humor of the fans.

KneeSlappington also used various audio files in his calls, such as toilets, to sicken Ghost, leading to the famous "Uh oh, Poo-Poo!" splice.

Although he has not called in when Ghost returned, his legacy lives on in remixes that featured the vibrator, some of which caused cans.


The origin of the Vibrator (towards the 0:32 mark).