Ban All Bronies

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Ban All Bronies is an example of chain-call trolling (variations include Fuck Bronies and Castrate Bronies). Like the guy, the calls are not very creative, however, they can agitate Ghost to extreme measures if done one after another. The debut of the Ban All Bronies chain-call was during Episode 191, coming from a very disgruntled caller with a strong Boston accent, who had made calls in the past complaining about Bronies, and being unable to call in due to trolls. They continued during Episode 192, in which there were several chain-calls (with as many as three calls in a row), causing Ghost to get annoyed and ask if there was some kind of "Anti-Brony cult going on."

Despite Ghost's original dislike for the caller, he has frequently referenced the Ban All Bronies caller while discussing or after speaking with Bronies during the True Capitalist Radio Broadcast, and has even imitated him during Episode 404, which led to a new wave of these calls featuring Ghost. Ghost usually says "Where's the Ban All Bronies... Ban All Bronies guy when you need him."

Since the Return, the Ban All Bronies call was used less frequently, but some callers began calling in with "Fuck Trump", "Dox all Bronies", and "Spank Trump", with the pitch shifting in the exact same way. The "Ban All Bronies" calls made a surprise appearance on Episode 2 of the Saturday show, where Ghost was like "Let's not start this" at first. Then, he got more annoyed when it was chain-called in the same way five years ago. He eventually raged after the third time a caller did this, possibly due to the fact that he was driven insane with trolls chain-calling him with audio of the Scout from Team Fortress 2 saying "Need a dispenser here".

After the betrayal of Teutonic Plague and prior to his banning, he mimicked this troll with "Vote for Trump!". What's more, this looping audio call acts like a disturbing brain waving hive mind which can have different voice patterns from time to time.

Area Codes Used

Note: Each area code will be listed each state or country of where it the code is from, sometimes it's unassigned.

  • 875 (Unassigned)
  • 575 (New Mexico)
  • 560 (Unassigned)
  • 731 (Tennessee)
  • 632 (country of Phillipines)
  • 357 (country of Cyprus)
  • 465 (Unassigned)
  • 517 (Michigan)
  • GeorgeKing (Skype name, the creator of the meme)
  • Anonymous