Bashar Al-Assad

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Bashar Al-Assad is the current President of Syria. He and the Syrian Uprising of 2011 and 2012 was a frequent topic of True Capitalist Radio.

Ghost has openly wished ill-will, and even death, to him, as Al-Assad is known for sending agents to kill, torture, and eliminate political opponents. He is also known to allow the killing of citizens in the streets of Syria to maintain power.

Community Reaction

Unlike Herman Cain and Jerry Sandusky, Bashar Al-Assad has actually had more splices than Twitter or Chatroom names.

Examples of Bashar Al-Assad Splices

  • "...My man! Bashar Al-Assad! Ha ha ha...HA!"
  • "I am officially, endorsing, Bashar Al-Assad!"
  • "Bashar Al-Assad 2012, and don't your stupid, stinkin', sorry ass forget it!"