Bathrobe Dwane

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Dwane with a Watermelon.

Charles Lawrence Reed, Better known online as Bathrobe Dwane, is a trihard and Runescape streamer known for his receeding hairline, his insane reactions to shockers and n-word spam and for sending messages to streamers which consist of him flopping his dick at them. In 2020 Dwane's community entered Ghost's streams and started sending Ghost shocker videos, particularly a infamous video associated with Dwane of a Snake going up a guy's asshole and send Ghost videos of Dwane, prompting Ghost to react and call Dwane a fruitbowl. These reactions were then sent to Dwane where he sent troll reactions back. Rumors of Dwane and Ghost debating each other continued until the 2 stopped reacting to each other.


Dwane before flashing his penis to Ice Posiedon

Charles Reed was born in 1995 and had a fucked up childhood, as in 2011 a man who was having sex with Dwane's mom killed one of Dwane's friends. Article about it. This fucked up childhood would draw Dwane into the Trihard community by 2015, working as a mod for streamers Mizkif and IcePoseidon. Dwane also would troll these streamers and infamous Runescape Streamer EmilyisPro, sending them videos of himself giving a normal message before showing his penis to them. In 2016 Dwane would go onto his own streaming career where trolls would send him all sorts of shockers and n-bombs over the years until he was banned from Twitch in 2020, when he moved over to YouTube and people sent him shockers and n-bombs there until Dwane put in a filter for that kind of content and then in 2023 Dwane moved over to Kick where he continues to get sent shockers and n-bombs.

Feud With Ghost


Dwane and Ghost's first had an interaction in 2018, when a troll used spliced audio of Ghost to troll Dwane. Dwane and Ghost's first interaction In 2019, a Troll under Bathrobe Dwane's name called into Ghost's stream, playing a spliced audio from one of Dwane's message videos before cutting to a clip of Dwane saying the n-word and earrape n-bombing. Dwane calls into The Ghost Show This would escalate as Dwane's community would donate to Ghost streams of Dwane, in which Ghost would call Dwane a fruitbowl and impersonate him with the gay voice. Dwane would then react to this stream, mocking Ghost by calling him an "alt-righter who streams on Dlive, jacks off with Nick Fuentes" and claims that Ghost loves reacting to Dwane's compilations. Dwane reacts to Ghost reacting to Dwane Trolls would then send Dwane's reaction to Ghost, and he reacted to it, calling Dwane a 40 view streamer who brought in the snake in the ass meme to his community, before saying that Dwane sounds like he's in a bathhouse and that Ghost actually sounds like a man. Ghost Reacting to Dwane calling him out The feud would continue throughout late 2020-early 2021, with trolls using splices of both Dwane and Ghost to call each other, then petered out despite rumors of a debate between the 2. Ghost accidentally calling dwane]


Dwane is known to have a receding hairline, largely due to years of screaming at 9 year olds who call into his stream to say the n-word. He is also known to be a realtor until he was doxxed by the trolls who used his previous associations with the trihard community to get him fired from his job. Dwane is also racist, although he has denied this multiple times, there have been multiple instances of Dwane saying the n-word on multiple videos and streams. Dwane is also known for his fruity voice and likes to wear bathrobes on stream, hence the name Bathrobe Dwane.