Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter is an activist group ostensibly supporting African-American issues, frequently campaigning against violence towards black people. They have come under scrutiny for their methods and often been involved in scandals. Ghost has long criticized Black Lives Matter for race-baiting and dishonesty. They and affairs related to them have frequently been show topics on True Capitalist Radio.


During June of 2016, Ghost launched a Twitter-campaign against one user, Deray, who as a result of a hacking, was revealed to have had engaged in a conversation with members of the United States Department of Justice, in which he suggested and supported the implementation of martial law in the 2016 Presidential Election to delay the election, presumably to increase the chances of a liberal victory at a later date.

On Friday, July 8th, 2016, Ghost dedicated a large part of his show to the covering of a Black Lives Matter-related shooting in which at least four police officers were killed and several others injured. At the same time, Ghost released the dox of Black Lives Matter activists Deray and John Lewis for advocating violence saying that the Dallas shootings took things too far. Afterwards people asked Ghost if he was afraid of the possible consequences to which Ghost responded that he had "no criminal intent in releasing the doxes" and that he was "careless and unsophisticated". This was meant to be a jab directed towards Hillary Clinton, who had avoided being prosecuted by the FBI for possible corruption and FBI Director James Comey had defended Hillary Clinton by saying the same thing.