Body Pillows

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Oh my god there's one... With a skeleton to the back? A skeleton to the - you SON OF A - *CANS*

—Ghost, after being tweeted the second Body Pillow

Original Ghost body pillow, as it was tweeted to him in Episode 352

Body Pillows, or Dakimakura, are human-sized Japanese pillows with decals printed on them. Some pillows infamously have characters/people printed on them, giving people the illusion that they're sleeping alongside said person. 

Throughout Capitalist Episodes 352 and 353, Ghost was showered with images of show-related body pillows, driving him insane. The tactic has fallen out of favor since then, but on rare occasions, trolls still use body pillows to annoy Ghost.

List of TCR-related body pillow prints

This topic has attracted the attention of artists and photoshoppers, and so is popular enough to get its own gallery! Click here for the Fan Art section on Body Pillows.