Bull-Nose Bull Dykes

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And it looks like the Bull-Nose Bull Dykes are gonna have another bad day; wool futures down by half a cent.


Bull-Nose Bull Dyke is Ghost's preferred term for a subculture of lesbians that are better known as butch lesbians in the United States and the english speaking world. It specifically refers to lesbians who behave like men. Ghost also uses it to describe any woman he either believes is lesbian, or simply does not like. The term is further associated with Ghost's various criticisms of feminism. Ghost states the Bull-Nose Bull Dykes are another main contribution towards Junkyard America, along with coffee, welfare moochers (see Ghetto Capitalist), and male homosexuals.

The Bull-Nose Bull Dykes themselves include Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O'Donnell, and Jodie Foster's knuckle, among others. Ghost usually brings them up during the markets segment of the show when discussing the wool market. He uses the term to say as an alteration of the stock market term: "bull market".

For a more thorough look at Ghost's political opinions on Lesbians, see LGBT.

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