Buzz Aldrin's Grandson

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Since the Return of the broadcast, Ghost has notably make strong expressions of denial to the NASA moon landing whenever callers ask him why he does not support them. This led to the arrival of a troll character, playing as the Grandson of Buzz Aldrin.

The troll's calls feature him asking Ghost to be at the "Highland Park Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas on May 22nd" to meet Buzz Aldrin face to face to contest his status as second man who walked on the Moon. The caller claims to be a fan of the show, and also points out that Buzz Aldrin has been a Conservative and a supporter of Capitalism for longer than Ghost has been alive. However, Ghost usually responds to these calls with annoyance, given the increasing persistence of the caller and the word for word duplicity of his invitations. Ghost refuses the invitation because he believes he will easily defeat the old man in a brawl if it were to occur. Ghost has taken the opportunity after many of these calls to lambaste Aldrin for various reasons (from his divorces to his own proof that he made the voyage) to show the bureaucratic nature of the NASA program.

Since his first call, he became a regular caller on True Capitalist Radio, calling several times a week. The troll has since then incorporated other show topics to his calls, such as claiming the venue will "have a ramp for him so that there's no problem [getting there]." During one call in Episode 267, he claimed to be flying an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean and was just calling in to remind Ghost about the coming date of his meeting with Buzz Aldrin to which Ghost told him to screw off.

At times, Buzz Aldrin's Grandson has called in and followed the pattern of a previous caller who congratulated Ghost for inspiring him to get off his ass and become a Capitalist, claiming that he was out mowing the lawn and making money while listening to the show. He eventually mentioned his 'Mom's husband', inferring that he comes from a single-parent household, and also said that he was trying to introduce his Mom to the show, and that she got 'hot and bothered' when she heard Ghost throwing around his 'manly dominance'. Ghost initially found this funny, but when Buzz Aldrin's grandson said that his Mom was looking forward to seeing Ghost at "Highland Park Methodist Church..." Ghost realized who he was talking too and told him to "Buzz Off!"

On Friday, May 20th, 2016, Buzz Aldrin's grandson was kicked off of Episode 270, but he released a Rap Diss Track to call out 'Gutless Ghost' the 'True Capitalist Coward' host of 'No Balls Radio'.

After months of absence, Buzz Aldrin's grandson, or someone impersonating him, called in on Episode 496 to once again remind Ghost to meet his grandfather at the Highland Park Methodist Church. Ghost once again dismissed him and Buzz Aldrin, but suggested that he might go up there and kick Buzz Aldrin's ass.