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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA for short) is a foreign intelligence agency of the US Government. They gather intelligence of other nations around the world.

Ghost's View on the Agency

Ghost has a hatred for the CIA, calling them Bureaucrats that plan on causing WWIII with their spy missions. He has said that the agency needs to be defunct due to the globalist missions they do. He also spouted Conspiracy Theories about the agency, such as them apparently killing John Conquest when he died from a heart attack and other conspiracies believed by Ghost.

His hatred of them reached critical mass in December 2016, when he was convinced the agency was trying to undo the Donald Trump inauguration to overturn the election results in favor of Hillary Clinton. This did not happen, much to his enjoyment. There were a couple Twitter names mocking the CIA "coup" against Trump, which caused him to rage. Beginning in 2018, there have been a few Shoutout names accusing Ghost of working for the CIA. While these did cause him to rage, they quickly fell out of favor.


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