It's funny because Cadence [Caiden] is only 14 and now he has to live his High School years with this tagged on him. He's going to get his ass whooped, people are going to hate him, etc.

Caiden Cowger (also known as Cadence Cowgirl) is a conservative who presented shows about conservatism on Caiden Cowger Radio. He is a former BlogTalkRadio host (his old page is viewable here), but his account has not been used since September 2011. An archive, though, is available to listen to on his website, like Ghost.

Capitalist Army raids

After Ghost stopped broadcasting in late may of 2012, the Capitalist Army turned their attentions to Cowger as a new target for trolling. After several days of his show being posted to the Melting Pot of Friendship Facebook page, as well as two front page submissions on the Atheism subreddit, DarkRazorZ posted a link to the show on the MPoF page on June the 6th, in order that the Capitalist Army might raid him that evening. Shortly after, his dox was leaked on Twitter by JohnTheSponge.

June 6th, 2012

Many members of the Capitalist Army, including DarkRazorZ, xarahox and others joined the broadcasts chatroom, as well as several members of /r/atheism only to find out that having garnered a significant media following (14 newspaper articles according to JohnTheSponge) throughout the day, Cowger had deleted his YouTube account and did not show up for that days show. Even half an hour after the show was due to begin, Cowger had not shown up.

June 8th, 2012

On the 8th, Cowger posted a video to a new YouTube channel, claiming that his previous channel had been hacked, that he was not 'afraid of the media' and that he did not wish to take back any of his previous statements. He stated that he would continue to broadcast his program.

However, on the same day, his Spreaker account was taken down, due to apparent hate speech and therefore, Caiden Cowger failed to broadcast again.

June 9th, 2012

The next day, Cowger made a new account on Spreaker and broadcasted an impromptu show in which he addressed the hackers and "haters", compared them to "brainwashed followers" of Karl Marx, stated that he was "not going to quit" and said that he would be "back soon" on Spreaker on Wednesday the 13th.

June 13th, 2012

The "Suck Mah Dick" guy and many other people trolled multiple times that day because of DRZ getting many requests for them to troll him, but since Cowger has screeners, SMDG had to make it seem like a regular conversation, then say his catchphrase afterwards, which caused Cowger to rant about how some people are immature and just want to make people look bad.

The raids themselves came to a halt shortly after the show on the 13th. Attention was shifted to Psychic Kay for raiding for the rest of the summer of 2012.