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Flag of California

California is a state in the United States of America located on the west coast of the U.S, and its capital is located in Sacramento. Ghost sees the state as an example of Junkyard America due to the state being very liberal, along with disliking Californians that came to Texas and moved into Austin. One of the popular landmarks located in California is Hollywood, located in Los Angeles, California. Twitter and Google's headquarters are also located in California, specifically around San Francisco. He calls some rappers who originate in California "west coast pieces of trash." He holds a similar opinion to New York, another state which consistently votes Democrat in presidential elections.

California was always a target of Ghost's criticism, however it became a common show topic when Ghost returned in 2016. Its pro-immigration stance and pro-Refugee acceptance stance were stances that U.S. President Donald Trump was against. The state is well-known for its anti-Trump stance, such as when riots broke out at the University of California, Berkeley campus in February 2017 over Milo Yiannopoulos, who was scheduled to speak there. The campus itself is known for its far-left, progressive ideologies.

Notable politicians who reside in California include Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Republican house minority speaker Kevin McCarthy and State Senator Kamala Harris.

Sometimes, Ghost doesn't get too upset when a tragedy hits somewhere in California because of his contempt towards the state. However, despite this, the state has been used in trolling many times, usually when disasters or tragedies effect the state, such as when a nightclub fire killed 37 people in Oakland, when the Oroville Dam was close to bursting, or when a black man was shot and killed in his backyard while on the phone in Sacramento.

Prominent callers during the show's history include Goofy_Bone, a caller who called in during the 2011-12 run of True Capitalist Radio, often arguing with Tzeki in his calls to True Capitalist Radio. He often shared Ghost's viewpoints, and he often called in during the news segments of TCR. However, it was revealed that he ripped off segments from Ghost's show on Goofy_Bone's show, causing Ghost to lose a lot of respect for him and no longer took his calls sometime after September 2011. Interestingly, he called in during the 4-Year Anniversary of True Capitalist Radio.

It is also home to two infamous failtrolls who called at one point during True Capitalist Radio's runs: The guy, who is notable for plugging the site in all of his calls, and a failtroll who made a Pizzagate joke in Episode 433 who was believed to be the Cleveland Caller and was also doxed as a result of his initial call.