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Canada is the nation directly north of the United States of America. Canadians are the people living in Canada, or of Canadian descent.

Canadia vs. Canada

While the official and correct name is "Canada", Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio, refers to the nation as "Canadia", and corrects any callers who say otherwise.

Ghost's Opinions

Ghost has been highly critical of Canadian policy and the population. In particular, Ghost dislikes their more progressive policies, such as public healthcare. When challenged, Ghost often references a story from a hockey game he attended shortly after 9/11 in which Canadian fans apparently booed the American National Anthem.

Ghost refers to Canadia as the "...pimple on the ass of America," seemingly forgetting that Canada is actually above America. Ghost often tells Canadian callers to go, "...hump a dead moose," or to, "...stop tickling your ass with a maple leaf," then a follow-up insult, somewhere along the lines of making fun of their bacon. Ghost dislikes artists that came out of Canadia, such as Celine Dion, Justin Bieber and 'one-ball' Tom Green - whose music typically makes him rage when it is spammed frequently during the show.

Since The Return, Ghost has become very critical of current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau due to his extreme advocacy for liberal sociopolitical ideas, referring to Trudeau as gay.


Because of Ghost's strong dislike for the nation, various callers have made trolls related to Canada, often singing the Canadian National Anthem, much to his annoyance. These trolls became infrequent after the Return.

Fort McMurray Situation

Because of the wildfire that was happening at the time in Alberta and spread with approximately 80,000 people displaced from their homes, Ghost even said that this was a huge tragedy, even though he doesn't think well of the north, he still thinks they deserve better. Ghost defended Canadia from sick and twisted Twitter names like AlbertaEnFuego and sorts.