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CapitalistSquirrel is the owner and founder of Project GX archive community, responsible for archiving the episodes of Ghost's many shows. They were formally known as Cans Abusing Meme Magician and currently does splices under Katastrophic Kreations using the alias KKAT.

You can contact them on the wiki here

Show Archive

They host Ghost's show archive of his many shows via Project GX. This archive proved useful, as Ghost would delete/private many early episodes of his many shows that he previously streamed on YouTube around June 2021, and VaughnLIVE only hosts past episodes starting with The Ghost Show Episode 266

Show Relays

When Ghost started to stream on VaughnLIVE after his YouTube was temporarily suspended from streaming, CapitalistSquirrel started a relay from their personal YouTube channel as a means to watch the show without dealing with the buffering issues that VaughnLIVE (at the time) had. This lasted from episode 75 of The Ghost Show, until the 108th episode.

Jackler would also provide a secondary relay, lasting from episode 92 to episode 108, and again, episode 139 until episode 146. CapitalistSquirrel would briefly return to only relaying the Saturday Night Troll Show episodes when Ghost was briefly on Periscope, and would cease relaying on YouTube altogether due to many policy changes that YouTube enforced that would make it difficult to relay there.

The relay would return full-time, but hosted on dlive as opposed on YouTube, when Ghost was doing The Baller Friday Show on Odysee, and then when Ghost returned to VaughnLIVE full-time for The Ghost Show and the Spontaneous Sunday Show after Ghost was suspended from streaming on dlive for a week. This relay would be discontinued in mid-2022.


Having done splices and remixes in the past as Cans Abuser (and would retire the character by indirectly making it the reason the long-running Ghost turns his fans trans gag started), KKAT would return from a long hiatus and debut the character KommiKat as a successor of the original troll character for several episodes before going into another hiatus. After splicer/remixer MKULTRA became notable for his N-word remixes, they again would return from hiatus, and mark the return of the KommiKat character, but rebranded as KKAT, to prove that cans.wav-worthy splices can still be made without the need of using slurs (especially racial slurs). KommiKat would be renamed to Katastrophic Kreations, which is what the KKAT abbreviation stands for.

Via their archive's discord server, they provide a splicer's resource section so fellow splicers could download spliceable audio bits for their splices and remixes.

Some of the things they've done under their original alias:

  • Queued and played splices for a few trolls, not mentioning any involvement, letting them take full credit.
  • Bought their way to the top of the Donators list, which was also used for the current Shitlist
  • RaidenSnake bait-and-switch calls (At the cost of Ghost's sanity)
  • Provided a relay of The Ghost Show & The Saturday Night Troll Show on their YouTube Channel since Ghost moved to VaughnLIVE. A link to their relay was sometimes donated to Ghost for trolling purposes.
  • Expanded an existing discord server that they ran by renaming it to the Central Circle for the community, as a response to the Public Circle Discord server closing, so the trolls and serious viewers can have a new central location for discussion.