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Capitalist Army, as pictured by Ghost in a pinned Gab post.
#CapitalistArmy trending on Twitter during Episode 219

The Capitalist Army was a social-networking website run by Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio Broadcast. The website has since been taken down due to Ghost's lack of interest in it. Ghost claims it was taken over by Bronies and no longer Capitalists like he had originally intended.

After the dissolution of the website, a team of Ghost's supporters (GmanCapitalist, SevenLeafB, Josef_Stalin213 and Geno_Blast) restarted his Blogspot. The activity on the blog increased after the ending of TCR in late May 2012.

Ghost still often refers to his followers as the Capitalist Army, often calling on them to support his campaigns and causes, such as the anti-Lamar Smith viral video campaign or the numerous information campaigns during the Meme Wars of 2016. Although its intentions are serious, as far as it pertains to the broadcast, the Capitalist Army is typically used as a general term towards the listeners and trolls of Ghost's broadcast. In recent news, hackings and twitter-bombs have been posted to multimedia websites, with members of the Capitalist Army responsible for them (such as 'Cut 4 Bieber' and 'Sandy Loot Crew', of which numerous NCF members and former Ghost trolls partook in).

On August 26, 2016, a high-privileged inner circle of the Capitalist Army was formed, with only 250 membership slots, however this was later bumped up to 300 members, and later again to 350.

Since 2016, Ghost has floated around an idea of starting a new social networking site for the Capitalist Army, however nothing has come of this yet.

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