Capitalist Episode 209

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Broadcast Number: 209*

Broadcast Date: Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Description: Equities markets bounce into positive gains after better than expected unemployment data, commodities markets mostly with gains in today's session, GOP presidential nominees continue their campaign in Michigan & Arizona, Congress wastes time & taxpayer money with the "payroll tax cut," China's Vice President Xi Jinping visits the U.S, the U.N. states "There might be crimes against Humanity in Syria" (No! Really?), Iran says has "new initiatives" for talks with powers, reports of widespread use of torture by militias in Libya, Boko Haram claims responsibility for jail break in Nigeria and U.K. PM David Cameron warn Scotland against independence. Ghost goes off on Black customer settles with restaurant over racial receipts, Pa. man fesses up after reading about heist and the Shorty Awards. News, True Capitalist commentary and Radio Graffiti. Follow on Twitter @GhostPolitics



This broadcast was quite different from any other he had done; Ghost was ill (reflected in his voice), and mostly stopped the news commentary and took calls and talked about whatever was on his mind for the whole show. Moreover, this is one of the few episodes where Ghost said "fuck" multiple times and didn't "excuse his French."

During Radio Graffiti, Ghost was hit with a few PONY.MOV-inspired chain-calls. Herbert the Pervert called in, causing Ghost to rage hard and even make his voice go out. Ghost would then go on a rant and put on Marilyn Manson's "We're from America". The last call was of two Transsexuals, Amy Daly and Tina the Transtesticle, fighting over Ghost. Ghost did not do an episode on Friday after this, possibly due to the fact that his voice went out.

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