Capitalist Episode 225

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Broadcast Number: 225

Broadcast Date: Friday, May 11th, 2012

Description: It's Baller Friday! Equities markets are are in the down again today after a week of mostly losses, commodities markets dip in today's session, Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama (Romney the bully & Obama parties in Hollywood), House trying to compromise on a $25 billion 2012-2013 budget, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin gives up U.S. Citizenship before IPO, US sends troops to Yemen as Al Qaeda gains ground, China & the Philippines in a stand-off over China Sea, the hunt for Joseph Kony steps-up as U.S. aids in capture, Russia's Vladimir Putin tells Obama he'll skip G8 summit (May 18-19), latest bombings in Syria puts new twist on the conflict and uniformed Afghan soldier kills U.S. serviceman. Ghost goes off on Alan Colmes, NJ test asks 3rd graders to reveal a secret and the cops (Police). News, True Capitalist commentary and Radio Graffiti on this edition. Follow on Twitter @GhostPolitics



Prior to The Return, this was the last episode to take place on Baller Friday.

During Twitter Shoutouts, Ghost was enraged by a name calling him "Ghostlex Jones". While taking calls, Ghost got pissed off when a caller critizied him for comparing bronies to pedophiles. Later on, Ghost started taking more calls to look for a fruitbowl so he can play music, only to get hit with troll callers.

During Radio Graffiti, there were various advertisement calls, including a mock trailer for "Ghostler's Shrimp Holocaust", Elfoxoloco playing a commercial for an alcohol patch, the "Poop Tube" commercial from Tim and Eric, Wena playing the "Lots and Lots of Toy Trains" commercial, and a commercial promoting the Tub Guy. Aside from the advertisement calls, there was a Maury Povich call, a splice of Ghost clopping, KneeSlappington playing a splice of Ghost bathing with Tub Guy, FatMarshall playing a remix of Ghost raging over tiger shrimp, CapitalistMau claiming to be drinking "Johnnie Walker Fourth Harvest", the guy calling in, and Tub Guy calling in to make fun of KaraszKun.


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