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Purest Autism

YEAH! Type CAP to ban Captain Autism, He needs to shut his stupid autistic mouth!

—Ghost, show 49 

卐 CAPTAIN AUTISM 卐 was a frequent user of the TTS donation system on The Ghost Show. First appearing in episode 11 and was a member of the Outer Circle who abuses the TTS donation system, often in the first hour or so of The Ghost Show

First appearing in Episode 11, he spearheaded the resurgence of the Accident-Prone Kidstroll, and with the help of several other donors he forced Ghost to "Consume the Devil's Lettuce".

Captain Autism returned in show 13 with a smaller but just as effective barrage of TTS spam. As a result of his "./.\./.\./.\" donation which was read out as "Dot slash, Dot backslash" and went on longer than any other TTS troll in Ghost Show history, Ghost threatened to ban him and implement Donation martial law. Captain Autism was banned as a result of his actions and those of the copycat trolls, and is the first to be banned from calling into The Ghost Show. Captain Autism is quoted as saying, "Being banned is hard. Now I know how Nelson Mandela must have felt when he was in jail." On 31/05/2020 Captain Autism was banned outright from the Thunderdome by Ghost. It is thought that this may have something to do with Captain Autism founding a merch store that sells show related merchandise.

Captain Autism is also responsible for trolls including "Me on the phone to my boss","4 foot plastic tubing", Ghost's Gay-men tutor or 'gaming tutor' and regular shrimp-posting. The captain has also contributed a selection of fan art shown on The Ghost Show, as well as a discord that has since closed down called '🍤TheShrimpCircle🍤'.


Notable Appearances

Episode 11

  • Despite being a long time listener for almost the entirety of True Capitalist Radio and The Ghost Show's history, show 11 was Captain Autism's debut, where he was almost instantly banned following a spate of spam TTS donations.

Episode 29

  • Autism was allowed to join in again in show 29, where he went on to wage war on Captain Deci, which lead to the almost daily TTS spam of "Type 'CAP' to ban Deci", which regularly angers ghost.

Episode 34

  • Show 34's "YEEHAW!" and "HOWDY!" explosion, where TTS donations and the chat were flooded with "YEEHAW!" along with cowboy emojis

Episode 41

  • Show 41 saw the introduction of "Pimp fried shrimp, you can't crimp the shrimp", an emoji spam that irritated ghost.

Episode 46

  • Captain Autism has even appeared in a number of Jackler's audio and visual splices, such as in 46, where Jackler unveiled a video he commissioned from Big Man Tyrone mocking Ghost for getting food poisoning, and going on to shout Autism's trademark phrase "Type CAP to ban Captain Deci!", with a hearty chuckle.

Episode 112

  • Captain Autism started a TTS spam troll-fad that lasted for a large portion of the show, which refereed to random diameters of plastic tubing. The troll simply required spammers to send TTS donations with nonsense text such as "buy 4 foot plastic tubing, 4 foot diameter tubing for you, cheap price 4 foot tubing plastic construction diameter of 4 foot plastic tubing tubing plastic tubing it is plastic tubing cheap price good price plastic 4 foot tubing tubing of 4 foot diameter" - ghost quickly had a meltdown over the tubing, as it wasn't in reference to anything and had no logical reason for being a troll.

The logic behind it was that it was so obscure and confusing a concept that ghost simply couldn't fathom it.

Episode 141

  • In episode 141 of TGS Captain Autism received a TTS call from his boss informing him he was to step down from duties to receive a promotion. Another TTS later Captain Autism was informed that he would be promoted to the rank of Major Autism. Shortly after he was back to his usual TYPE "CAP" routine under a new name.

Episode 161

  • Two days prior to episode 161 Captain Autism exposed Haruka Takahashi as a male Mexican. There was minor backlash from parts of the community, but when it became clear to most that Haruka was using their fake female persona to harass and catfish others, it was generally regarded as a good move. Cans Abuser messaged Captain Autism some information that lead to Haruka being identified, but later banned Autism from the central circle for doxing activities, later taking Haruka's side in the situation when a heated argument broke out in his server between trolls and Haruka. Captain Autism, among other trolls were banned in the altercation and Cans' soon had a mental breakdown which resulted in him removing a moderator (temporarily) for "not doing their job" then later on in the day his other 2 moderators leaving due to other actions that Cans had taken throughout that day, which lead him into revealing he had essentially been a hermit for over 10 years. The ensuing fallout with Cansabuser revealed a lot of information about him and his tragic lifestyle, such as the fact that he is indeed a tranny.

Right at the start of show 161 itself Captain Autism revealed to Ghost that Cansabuser was indeed a transtesticle that is undergoing hormone therapy.

Episode 164

  • Captain Autism called in multiple times throughout Radio Graffiti to call Ghost a sellout after a number of advertisements were played in previous calls. Ghost's reaction to being called a sellout resulted in a large cans.wav and the show going off-air.

Episode 167

  • Show 167 was another successful RG for Captain Autism. Calling in on several lines and under multiple names Captain Autism repeated "Type Cap to ban Captain Deci" every time Ghost put him live. Eventually Ghost threatened to end the show if he heard from that Britbong again. He once again called on Autism only to hear "Type Cap to ban Captain Deci". The chat was flooded with a barrage of "CAP" and support for the type cap movement, causing ghost to rage quit shortly after.

Episode 167

  • Yet another return from Captain Autism in show 167 welcomed the unveiling of his 'Is Ghost Tenable?' video in which Warwick Davis proclaims Ghost to be the internet's most hated presenter. Captain Autism went on to launch a line of Ghost themed original artwork merchandise, resulting in him being banned from DLive chat by Ghost. Through the show Ghostler repeatedly shouted about how he genuinely hates Captain Autism, whilst the chat still supported with walls of "CAP".

Captain Autism spoke out via TTS about the influx of 8 bronies which paid to join the Thunderdome chatroom, although Ghost was happy to welcome them into his circle.

Episode 170

  • In show 170 Ghost announced anybody typing "CAP" in chat or mentioning Captain Autism for any reason would be banned - several testing this, and were muted in the Dlive chat. With few daring to support the "CAP" movement, and with the announcement that Captain Deci had in fact deleted his Discord account and therefore cut his final ties with the Ghost Show community, and having been an active troll for the majority of the last 159 episodes, Captain Autism announced his retirement from trolling ghost. He attempted to give shout-outs to those who had supported him and assisted his trolling, but Ghost cancelled the TTS, still mad about the fact Captain Autism had opened a merch store.

Thunderdome Drama

  • During Episode 190, Ghost revealed some turmoil going in TGS/SNTS Chatroom relating to Captain Autism. According to Ghost himself, Captain Autism would go out of his way to purge anyone that is a brony that may have had ties to being a pedophile in the chatroom. Unfortunately, some trolls would go look up Captain Autism’s information to find out that he was once a brony too. This move has polarized a lot of members in the community with some saying “So what if he was a brony?” And other responses wishing he should be gone. No comment has been given at the time of this edit by Captain Autism as he has been busy with work IRL since the incident.

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