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WolfgangZ (formerly Captain Howdy and Yankighostler in the tinychat) was a common caller on True Capitalist Radio, often calling in with a song parody of some sort. Howdy became well known for his parody of the song "Yankee Doodle" that was first sung on the Fourth of July in 2016, and it was then re-written as a full version. Ghost himself often commented on the time and speed Howdy took to make a new parody.

Howdy has also made calls asking Ghost for the autographed beer cans to make into several sex toys, he also got a creepy reaction out of Engineer when saying, "I find it funny that people think Engineer's the talent because you ARE the Engineer," to which Engie laughed (This is referencing when Ghost said he was the Engineer on the final Paltalk)

On Twitter, Captain Howdy has tweeted several graphics to Ghost, including the gif of him burning Ghost's autograph on Episode 358 (The autograph wars between Ghost and Engineer) The website he uses for these graphics is an image-editing website called "PhotoFunia"

On the 400th episode of True Capitalist Radio, in a result of unfortunate timing, Wolfgang played a splice of Ghost promoting child molestation sometime after Ghost was talking about Pizzagate. This prompted Ghost to order a dox on him, offering a free Ghost autograph to anyone who exposed his identity. As a result of this incident, Wolfgang went into hiding for a short amount of time.

After two months of silence, he made a return in Episodes 443, 444, and 445, with him being the first caller three episodes in a row.

  • Made several #TeamEngie graphics including a gif of Ghost's autograph on fire and several paintings of Engineer on walls in public areas.
  • 443: Made a splice of a prank call to Trump Tower with an earlier voice recording of Ghost imitating the Short Bus members.
  • 444: Another spliced prank call. This time, it was to the San Antonio police with a splice of the inner circle being a part of Pizzagate.
  • 445: A splice of Ghost saying, "I am going to gun down 2 trillion niggers, it's now legal."
  • 509: Yet another spliced call to Trump Tower of Ghost being racist, causing him to end Radio Graffiti in a cans-filled rage. (This was his first call back after the 5 month hiatus)
  • 510: A prank call to Black Lives Matter with Ghost chanting "Fuck niggers". This was after a racist chain-call from other callers.

(Please note that the prank calls were faked, with Wolfgang's brother voicing the Trump Tower employee and the 911 officer. Do not actually prank call the police)

On Episode 512, Wolfgang went onto Gab under another name and sent Ghost pictures of forks and fork-rule34 that resulted in cans.wav ("There's a fork screwing a spoon, and the spoon is saying 'Fork me, baby, fork me").