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Characters refer to those callers of Ghost's radio show who portray a consistent persona from call to call instead of hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. The majority of True Capitalist Radio's most infamous and aggravating trolls fall into this category, as do the least entertaining serious callers. Either way, to fall under this category, they have to actually interact with Ghost in order to establish that persona.

Please remember that not all characters are trolls. The hallmark of a character is simply that he or she has exchanges with Ghost and refuses to use their real name on the air. If the character is also a troll, you should put them in Category:Trolls as well; the same applies for serious callers.

Note: During the early segments of the broadcast (i.e., before Radio Graffiti and the shoutouts) Ghost often features a separate handful of characters that act as commentators and guests, such as Mr. Fortune Cookie and Tyrone. Given Ghost's (surprising) talent for voice acting, many listeners naturally suspect him of providing the voices for these people.