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This category is used to catalog the various people who are part of the Inner Circle Short Bus that Ghost formed during Episode 443 to isolate what Ghost considers to be the less intelligent and immature elements of the Inner Circle. Generally, these are people who were claimed to have bothered other members in the group and were eventually kicked out by Ghost.

Notable Inner Circle Short Bus members include:

  • Striver (Best known as Eeyore, put in the Short Bus for not knowing how to use eBay and for being too focused on cartoons and not taking in his own life)
  • Elfoxoloco (Put in the IC Short Bus for criticizing Ghost and for having not paid to be in the IC chatroom)
  • Godzilla3709 (Kicked for "tarding out". Another reason was that he was accused of recording the IC chat and leaking it, and was kicked sometime after The Mahabone Leaks stopped)
  • 727 Caller (Kicked out of IC during January 2017 after the leaks stopped)
  • KingEdUndead (Same reason as 727)
  • MaskedPony (Was already on the regular Short Bus prior to the announcement. Main reason could be because of his MLP fanfiction)

Of course, the IC Short Bus has trolled Ghost as well. With Striver and his fellow IC Short Bus members having made various Short Bus-related splices, such as Ghost being part of or run over by the Short Bus, and a parody trailer of The Breakfast Club. These Short Bus calls usually end with the Wesley Wills song "Retard Bus". Ghost usually cans.wavs at these calls due to them not knowing why they're on the IC Short Bus in the first place.

Note: Being in the IC short bus doesn't necessarily mean that these people were banned or kicked from the IC, but that they only have limited access to the groups Discord server.

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