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These are the people who are dubbed the "Short Bus" by trolls and listeners alike. These are ones who attempt to counter trolls, kick Ghost off-keister, brown-nose and sound like half-a-tards.

After StriverSurvivor, who was best known for his character of Eeyore was kicked out of the Inner Circle and was then said to have autism, Ghost opened up an "Inner Circle Short Bus" for the members who have bothered either him or the other IC members. Godzilla3709, who was a favorite caller of Ghost for a long while, was dumped into the Short Bus as well after it was believed by Inner Circle members that he was leaking private audio from the Inner Circle chat and could not properly handle the accusations that were brought against him, ultimately causing him to leave the TCR community. On Episode 446, shortly after Godzilla’s addition to the Short Bus, Elfoxoloco was identified as a Short Bus member as well after a troll played a clip of him during Radio Graffiti. Although not an official Inner Circle member, Elfoxoloco participated in the Inner Circle chatroom and was banned following drama of a leaked recording of him talking behind Ghost’s back. Inner Circle members have cited this as the reason he was on the Short Bus.

The Short Bus became a popular topic for trolling shortly after Ghost conceived it. One of the most notable examples was when after Episode 445, Pylons, TopBadge, and 8Equal made a parody of The Magic School Bus theme song for the Short Bus. During Episode 446, Tub Guy gave Ghost the link to it during Radio Graffiti, which led to him getting pissed off. The Short Bus was also brought up quite frequently in splices.

After the Break, the concept of the Short Bus seems to have been discontinued, as neither Ghost or the trolls have mentioned it since.


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