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Actual group Photo of Ghost's 'friends', including Paco and Chief Slapahoe.

Ghost is notorious for handing segments of the show over to 'special guests', which is really just an excuse for him to spend five minutes making racist, heavily accented impersonations of national stereoypes. He mostly enjoys having them on the show, and often cites it as proof that he has listeners all over the world.

Minor Special Guests

'Reverand BJ', who made a short appearence in an earlier episode of True Capitalist Radio, asking listeners to pray with him while Ghost was playing guitar. He is a stereotypical African American pastor, and has not made an appearance in quite some time.

Once in a while, Ghost will do an Australian accent, speaking as the 'Crocodile Huntah' Steve Irwin, and has mimicked the wildlife expert's behavior while pretending to analyze an individual at an airport for whether it is a male or a female.

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