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CelticBrony's Coat of Arms.

CelticBrony was a remixer and former brony on the True Capitalist Radio broadcast. He was responsible for quite a few remixes, including Ghost Addams Family, True National Social Radio, Jingle Bell Ghostie, Woody Wood Ghost, Happy Hambone and more.

He was the original winner of Best Brony at the 2011 Ghosties, but his title was stripped by Ghost himself on February 1, 2012. He was also responsible for the group poop Twitter nametrend.

Prior to CelticBrony deleting his YouTube account, a user was able to download several of his remixes. They can be found here.

As a listener

CelticBrony began listening to TCR sometime before fall of 2011 as his alias was picked up by Ghost and some of his dubbed 'pals' as early as September. He quickly dropped the 'Brony' portion of his name (despite still using it on Twitter, YouTube and as a title of his remixes) and dedicated his time to waging an all out war against the brony community, later adding furries to his list of targets. Initially, he made remixes to anger Ghost alone, but soon started a stampede to wipe out the community of bronies that listened to the show.

Celtic trolled Goofy Bone quite frequently on his broadcast and on Twitter. Goofy, however, eventually came to see him as an ally for reasons unclear.

His associations with the 'Niggest Crook Force' or NCF are shady at best; the organization came to being in late 2011 and was quickly ridiculed for its methods of 'attack', which mainly included targeting brony YouTubers by putting DMCA claims on some of their videos, forcing them to put out their full personal information (also known as 'dox') to clear the claim and keep the clip up. This is how Alex S. (the creator of Melting Pot of Alcohol, ironically) lost his channel for a while and fell under other attacks from them. 'GourmetNewell', one of the key leaders of the group, explained that Celtic was trolled into thinking he was a member of their group and then later doxed and let go once his use was finished. Needless to say, the NCF was ridiculed by larger trolling organizations and had little to no support by any members of the True Capitalist Radio community at the time.

Celtic's role in Troll War III has been debated since its origins, but he is remembered chiefly as the instigator, having posted the "Peter Zacher" dox that came under controversy and put the community up into sides against each other. However, in his recent videos he states that the war was an 'inside job' intended to give him enough attention to allow himself to part from the show permanently and proceed on with his life.

Troll War III

Troll War III was sparked by Celtic's many attempts to dox Ghost after an earlier attempt to attack the brony listeners of the show by forcing DarkRazorZ to take down his videos through DMCA claims, the same method being used by the NCF.

After a show on January 27, Ghost announced that he would try to use Tinychat instead of his usual Paltalk room to meet with members of the Capitalist Army. The room filled with the usual perpetrators and trolls from earlier, including Celtic. Some time in, he posted that TinyChat held an exploit that allowed him to collect the IP information of Ghost (who ran the room) and subsequently posted information on "Peter", attempting to get listeners to pizza-bomb him and pressure him to give in. Ghost refused to admit whether that was him or not and instead went to Twitter to state that he would not do any more broadcasts until Celtic himself was doxed.

The larger masses of Ghosts fanbase immediately started trying to dox Celtic, breaking the whole fanbase up into small factions, those siding with Ghost and those with Celtic, the most notable individual to side with CelticBrony being PranksterPinkiePie, although Celtic himself denied this numerous times and still released a dox belonging to him afterwards.

On January, 31, the true "battle" of the war began: Celtic released a mass of tweets containing IP adresses and names belonging to either important people within the TCR community or individuals related to it. Among the list was Vince in the Bay, Ring of Honor member EvilBronze5 and Suspicious Tumbleweed. Celtic later deleted these tweets, but GourmetNewell screencapped them, and the image remained on his Twitter(now inactive). None of the information provided there has been confirmed, yet Celtic in late 2013 claimed that most of this information had already been put out by others and he merely collected it and put it all together in these tweets to scare listeners and instill drama.

The next day, however, Celtic was successfully doxed (by the NCF no less, he warned BWC not to take credit) and Prankster was also doxed as well not long after.

In the aftermath of Troll War III, Celtic deleted his YouTube account and videos. He deleted every last tweet from his Twitter, only leaving the name filled so that potential onlookers would not attempt to create a new account and attempt to act like him. He dropped one final link in the early hours of February 1, 2012 to duplicate YouTube account xCelticCelery, where he posted a video entitled "My last video", explaining his actions. Celtic later closed this account as well and the video is now lost.

Following the drama, Ghost declared victory and hosted a Baller Friday show, complete with Twitter names mocking Celtics loss. He went into inactivity and was not heard from again for over a year and a half, while the community struggled to rebuild after the blows he inflicted on its morale. TCR later ended on May 23, after a supposed "hacking" that appeared to have Celtic taking responsibility, yet this was unfounded. Some have even suggested that Ghost did it himself, to quit from the community and his final speech in his Paltalk suggests that he had been planning to end the show for some time (as early as when he first announced that the show would end due to Celtic's initial actions no less).

Trolling Ghost

Celtic was notorious for his multitudes of remixes, all of which that have made Ghost very angry at the end of his broadcasts. Throughout late 2011 and January, 2012, he created nearly two dozen remixes, along with a handful of splices, using a combination of splicing, Goat noises, and Audacity tricks. Typically he would be in the chatroom on each show, only being picked up as the final caller for that days Radio Graffiti. Ghost would listen to about 15 seconds of the remix being played, then get angry about how fast Celtic could create them and end the show in great annoyance. (Ghost actually picked Celtic up last to end the show with a bang.)

He and Ghost "apparently" got on better terms through January, until his sudden "betrayal" escalated into what is now called Troll War III. Celtic had been working against his former brony compatriots for months and had even tried to force DarkRazorZ to take down his videos since they encouraged more of them to call into the broadcast. Celtic failed this attempt (from December, 2011), much to DRZs scorn, who saw the attacks as a "bunch of newfags who are trying to take down videos that attracted bronies to the broadcast".

Some claim that TCR's original run came to an end due to the actions taken by CelticBrony, as the events of Troll War III made Ghost realized he was not taken seriously at all by his fans, leading to less and less broadcasts, before a final straw was broken in May, when his account was hacked, by someone who identified himself as Celtic, though this was not verified, neither then, nor in the videos posted by CelticDeity. CelticDeity claims that Ghost wanted out of the show, since he had his own ventures to explore and came to see that most of his listeners were not taking his listening points seriously any longer; thus the two conjured the entire event to give them a faultless reason to quit the show and move on with their lives. The plan seems to have succeeded, yet not without its costs: Celtic was doxed by the NCF and endured a mass of pizza-bombs and phone calls for a while before leaving Twitter.

He generally became despised by the fans universally, as opposed to when he was arguably the most popular remixer in 2011. His actions have had some brand him a "traitor" and his name was seldom spoken in good regard, following Troll War III.

After TCR

A troll opened a fake Twitter account called "CeiticBrony", stating in one of his first tweets that it was merely for confessions, nothing more. Needless to say this account was suspended not long after.

Ghost quit his show on May, 23, but did not mention Celtic in any way or form in the first of his two final speeches to the Paltalk, this one the one on the aforementioned day. Celtic, however, was in attendance when Ghost conducted his final audio-chat with his fans on June, 1. He spoke three times during the 140 or so minutes Ghost was in the chatroom and Ghost towards the end even was in shock that Celtic understood it. Celtics activities and remaining forms of contact remained unknown and he essentially dropped off the face of the internet completely (as CelticDeity he claimed to have gotten help with a drinking problem, moved out and gotten a good job and made money). Some rumored that he went off on an "anti-Jew and brony" crusade, but these accusations held no concrete evidence.

He made an unexpected return to YouTube after a 20 month exodus from his work online on December, 2013. He set up a YouTube account named CelticDeity and posted all of his old remixes and audio files, which he dubbed "Audio from the Past". He also created an eight minute long video titled "Ghost and Celtic - the Truth" which contains striking new evidence that disproved many previous accusations, most importantly that Troll War III was an 'inside job' concocted by the two to allow them to leave TCR. Celtic reiterated what Ghost stated in his farewell speech, but added emphasis on focusing on reality more than what occurs on Twitter or how many subscribers one gets on their YouTube channel. He claimed that Ghost helped him improve his life and that the true focus of the show was to inspire listeners to get up and do something with their lives. He alludes closely to the idea of Ghost returning, as he approves of listeners continuing to create audio of Ghost, so long that they listen to his message, yet there is no factual basis in his words being that he came and went. His activity ceased on December 23, after posting one final video of a BlogTalkRadio host calling him out, evidently implying that the account was hacked as well. One of his Twitter accounts was suspended, the other went into inactivity. CelticDeity YouTube account still exists, but all videos have been either deleted or made private.

He conducted a handful of radio broadcasts under the name "CelticRebel" on BlogTalkRadio, but fell into disagreements with other hosts and soon was blackmailed and forced off. He deleted his shows, asking listeners only to consider what he spoke about, none of which were saved.

Happy Canada Day but even still I am as the air, you feel me you think you see me but who am I?

CelticBrony's supposed return

During The Return, Celtic (or someone pretending to be him) has posted an apology to his YouTube channel and reactivated his Twitter.

CelticBrony was spotted lurking the Tinychat chatrooms throughout 2016, with Trumping Capitalist saying that it's definitely him. In typical Celtic fashion, he mostly posted cryptic things in the chatroom without much context, however he was nonaggressive towards chat members or Ghost himself. With Ghost even mentioning on Capitalist Episode 431, that Celtic was a part of the Inner Circle. He was active at that time on one of few active Discord servers online, however he is now more focused on his faith than he is doxing Ghost like in the past.