CelticIbanCrew Blackmailing Incident

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On October 8th, 2016, CelticIbanCrew claimed they had the dox of everyone in the Ghost Inner Circle, and threatened to release them within 48 hours if Ghost didn't dox himself in this time. Ghost doxed the people behind this twitter account almost immediately, and called for them to be banned on Twitter. They then began threatening to take down his twitter account, to which Ghost's response was that he'd just get a new one and announce it on the show, potentially even creating his own social network to stop this from happening.

Shortly after these claims began, Ghost "doxed" himself, however trolls and fans alike quickly learned this was a ruse to mess with CelticIbanCrew. This only got CelticIbanCrew even angrier, stating that they would dox everyone in the Circle and potentially swat them. Ghost continued to send out mocking tweets, such as "Alright, who sent the pizza?" and "Alright, this isn't funny! Who sent me Chinese food?" Ghost then began posting about how to not get swatted by going to your local police and giving them your number, that way they make sure to check with you before sending any swat teams.

CelticIbanCrew made claims that for the next 259 days after the deadline, he would dox 1 Inner Circle member every day, until Ghost reveals himself.

CelticIbanCrew 's Threat

Later that same week, on October 11, CelticIbanCrew threatened Ghost to dox himself before the show went live that day, or he would dox Tom Kawczynski, a member of the Inner Circle, posting an image with his name, town, state and area code.

Ghost talked about it briefly in an Inner Circle paltalk session in the early morning of October 16th, 2016, and said that he basically had nothing but the emails of the Inner Circle members, and that's it, reassuring people they won't get doxed, and if they do, "So what?"

CelticIbanCrew would be doxed a few days later, and would stay quiet until late January 2017, where he threatened the Inner Circle again, causing Ghost to start the "Find Ghost's Son" campaign. He deleted his twitter shortly after, but not before sending angry tweets to Ghost and claiming "We will win @AspieCapitalist We will win.", inferring that he was working with Teutonic Plague.

CelticIbanCrew became active again following tweets from Elfoxoloco in May 2017. Ghost posted his dox again, a tweet he later took down, but not before CelticIbanCrew began asking Twitter for help, and that he was being harassed.