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STUDiO93 GX (also known as The GhostPolitics Archive, formally the GX Central Circle Network) is a paywall-free Discord community run by Cans Abuser, specialized in maintaining Ghost's official livestream archive. Anyone can join here, provided they are 18 years or older and are able to verify their age.

It was founded by Cans Abuser, Dark Meme Magician Girl, & Remyuu in mid-2019


STUDiO93 operates The Ghost Show & Saturday Night Troll Show archive, as dlive only preserves replays for 48 hours. The name is an allusion to the disco-era graphics and music used and the heavy usage of Avant Garde and other 70s-80s era fonts.

In addition to hosting the official archive on The Internet Archive, the TConRR, TCoNR & TCR archive is also hosted, made possible by contributors such as Twilie Atkins and other dedicated GhostPolitics fans.

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Many familiar faces are also members of GX: