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The Central Circle was a Discord community hosted by The GX Historian. Project GX is the successor to the Central Circle.


Central Circle Mk I

Original Logo
Later Logo

This was the original Central Circle, which was primarily created in response to the closure of Jackler's Public Circle, and to provide a paywall-free community for those displaced by the closure. It was a mostly-unmoderated chatroom with a focus on trolling, until two moderators went rogue and sabotaged the first server. A YouTube relay was provided during Ghost's broadcasting days on VaughnLIVE

Central Circle Mk II

Mk II logo

Rebuilt following the sabotage of the original server, it was more or less identical to the original server, except with some moderation functions becoming moderated. One rogue mod was permanently banned following a discrepancy with their statement, and the other was permanently stripped of their powers.

Following a ban wave of several accounts that participated in Ghost's raid of Atilla's discord server, the server would be moved, while retaining its Mk II iteration.

Central Circle Mk III "LeGeNDS GX"

Mk III Logo

This iteration, with less emphasis on trolling, and being more of a general chat related to ghost's archiving following Ghost's move to dlive, it would become necessary to host a public archive as dlive would only preserve past broadcasts for approximately 72 hours.

This would evolve into Mk IV STUDIO93 Central Circle, later The GhostPolitics Archive. Following a feud with ICUP, Mark III ownership was given to ICUP and was renamed into typical ghost server. Mark III would shut down on December 2020 after ICUP got bored with it. #1488ForICUPFloyd

Central Circle Mk IV "STUDIO93 Central Circle"

Mk IV Logo

This iteration, under the name STUDIO93 Central Circle, has a heavy focus on archiving Ghost's broadcasts, while still providing a chatroom and a small section for trolls to discuss their trolling ideas.

it would eventually be rebranded into The GhostPolitics Archive, and drop the Central Circle name altogether, while retaining this iteration. It later would rebrand as Project GX: The Ghostpolitics Archive