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Textchat Warrior recruitment poster

We got a lot of Text Chat Warriors up in here, flappin' their fat, cheeto stained fingers on the keyboard...

Ghost, on his Chatroom.

The BTR Chatroom or more commonly known simply as the chatroom was the box at the lower portion of the screen during live broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio. When it was active, Ghost's True Capitalist Radio Chatroom was known for being crowded and for being spammed.

Before and after the broadcast, the chatroom was replaced with a comment section, where Facebook users could leave comments on the episode. Users without a BlogTalkRadio account were put into the Chatroom with the username "Guest" followed by a number. Many users had multiple BlogTalkRadio accounts that they would use to make multiple troll names, which is discussed below.

Ghost's Chatroom

Ghost often locked down the Chatroom—an ability Blog Talk Radio hosts have to stop any new messages from coming in and making the chatbox scroll up—before giving out Twitter Shoutouts so that he can post his Twitter name. He also locked down the Chatroom during spamming sessions (such as "Ron Paul! Ron Paul!" spam or people shouting "BORING!" while he's going over the Markets), or when he is very angry. He also tends to do this at the end of the show, where he then drops links to the TCR Archives, his shop, and his Twitter name for everyone in the Chatroom to see.

Once the broadcast has become more popular, the Chatroom dealt with a large influx of people, which made it is often difficult to read all of the text that came in once because of the speed that the participants type messages at. Many people resorted to copy and pasting phrases such as "Ron Paul" and "Engineer" repeatedly just to be heard, making Chatroom traffic even worse. Ghost used to refer to spammers as "scrollers" but he now uses the proper term. Ghost would occasionally read through the spam to gauge how the audience was reacting to his commentary (or more often, to rage further when he saw they were mocking him), and on very rare occasions would respond to inquiries within the chatroom when it was not as clogged.

Example of chatroom spam.

Chatroom Shoutouts were the precursor to the modern "Twitter Shoutouts." At the end of each broadcast, Ghost would go down the list of Chatroom members and shout out all of the names. Ghost would occasionally get to a name he found particularly disgusting and say "I'm not gonna say that. Kick that asshole outta there, kick 'em out !", occasionally shouting the name out anyway. Liberals, communists, agitators, and trolls spamming against his ideals were also removed swiftly. Because of the sheer growth of the number of users in the Chatroom, Ghost rarely did Shoutouts after Radio Graffiti was introduced to the broadcast.

The Chatroom was often utilized to rate trolls. The users in the Chatroom type anything between "0/10" and "10/10" and many variations such as "Vibrator/10" for the Vibrator or "FUTexas/10" if Fuck You Texas is played. Many users have replaced "10/10" with "9/11", due to it being more offensive by referencing the 9/11 incident.

Fruitbowls often used pink text in the Chatroom. Ghost often referred to the people talking trash in his Chatroom as "flappin' their fat Cheeto-stained fingers" (sometimes varying to "Dorito-stained fingers" on occasion) and "text-chat warriors."

The BTR Chatroom was one of the most vulgar portions of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast, as it hosts the Newfags all compressed into one text box, allowing them to express their stupidity, much of which angers Ghost when he is on a rant, often shouting "LOOK AT THESE PEOPLE IN THE CHATROOM! THIS IS AMERICA FOLKS! THESE SICK TWISTED TEXTCHAT WARRIORS ARE WHAT YOUR TAX DOLLARS GO INTO!"

The Fate of the Chatroom

Ghost once attempted a broadcast without the Chatroom altogether in early 2012, but it still remained as a comment section thereafter. It returned briefly, but following his visit to SXSW, he removed the Chatroom in mid February 2012 due to "complaints of lag issues", and it did not make a return for the rest of the show's short lifespan through May. Needless to say, trolls took their commentary to Twitter instead, spamming during the show so that he couldn't see the shoutouts, irritating him, and therein keeping the spirit of the Chatroom alive.

Since the Return there has been no official Chatroom, the BTR Chatroom remained defunct, and there was no word on an official chatroom for the longest time (Ghost has notably ducked questions regarding it). However, he encouraged people to create their own True Capitalist Radio chatrooms instead. Several have been created since the Return, which started with a Tinychat and a Discord, later the Tinychat community would move to Discord, and split into two chats; Elfoxoloco's and Tub Guy's.

Ghost has created an Inner Circle chatroom, which is the only chat he interacts with during the show now, and has even given shoutouts to people in that chat on rare occasions.

Ghost became angry with an Inner Circle member calling him a jew in his own chatroom during a show, causing him to kick said member out and implement Chatroom Martial Law for the first time in 5 years.

Chatroom Revival

Main Article: Ghost's Discord

In early February 2018, people asked Ghost whether he'd make a chatroom dedicated to the show again much like back in 2011 and 2012. Finally, Ghost would cave in and make a chatroom on Discord. However, it would certainly come with a price as Ghost would set up a paywall to prevent the chatroom to be flooded with trolls.

To join his new current chatroom, one must; Create a Discord and Gab account (if not already), subscribe to Ghost on Gab (a new feature on Gab that allows people to donate to content creators) 5 dollars, then send him a private message with your Discord tag to get a link to the chatroom.

Many were thrilled at the fact of the chatroom revival while others criticized the paywall and saw it as another tactic of Ghost scamming people. The chatroom, formally called 'Ghost's Room' would reminisce both the BTR Chatroom and the Paltalk sessions as Ghost would put the chatroom under martial law, and even putting specific users who anger him in the woodshed section of the chat. Ghost would go and chat with the other users after the show to talk about anything from capitalism, to prank calling, to even roasting other users.

This would prompt him to make chatroom shoutouts a regular segment once again for the first time in 6 years.

During Ghost's temporary hiatus while he transitioned away from BlogTalkRadio, the Chatroom was the only consistent place to hear/talk to Ghost until he returned.

A similar chatroom to the BTR one is currently in use in The Ghost Show live broadcasts on YouTube and can be used by anyone logged onto the site.


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