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Christmas is an annual celebration in Christian tradition that usually takes place on December 25th, in commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Because of how widespread the celebration is, Christmas is intertwined with pop-culture.

2011 Christmas Eve Broadcast

Ghostmas was a spontaneous True Capitalist Radio broadcast Ghost hosted on Christmas Eve, 2011.

Ghost took calls and did several pranks calls to people on his shitlist. The most memorable of the prank calls included Ghost getting in contact with a boy's mother and telling her, "You should ask your son about 4chan".

Ghost Hates Christmas

At one point in time, trolls began tweeting "Merry Christmas" and similar tidings of great joy to Ghost, some even doing so before Halloween. This caused Ghost to rage at people, often saying "We haven't even gone through Halloween yet!" and accusing the trolls of having a Christmas fetish. After finding out Ghost hated Christmas, more and more trolls began picking at him for it. He later elaborated on his hate of Christmas, saying that, due to his wealth, his family begins coming out of the woodworks and pressure him for presents, while not buying him anything:

"You wanna know why Christmas sucks? Because it's that time of the year that everybody's gotta get together, you know all the asshole familes you don't wanna get together with, you wanna keep at arms length. You know, the assholes that they didn't go your way, as far as your lifestyles. But on Christmas it makes you have to pretened to enjoy a turkey and a hambone, because aww, why? I don't get it? Why?"

According to Ghost, no one has bought him a single Christmas present since he was 13 or 14 years old. This lack of presents over the years is likely the cause for his dislike of the winter holiday. Despite this, Ghost has stated that he doesn't want anything for Christmas.

Another potential factor in Ghost's dislike of Christmas is the inevitable arrival of his sister-in-law, Caroline, and her putrid smelling fruitcake. From what Ghost's trolls can gather, Caroline is most likely one of the many extended family members that tries to mooch presents off of Ghost.

Christmas carol trolling made a return in Episode 306. Ghost was once again bombarded by Christmas carols in middle of the summer and went on one of his typical Christmas soliloquys. After a long period, christmas carol trolling returned again on November 1st, 2016's broadcast, with Ghost getting chain-called with Christmas-related calls. Ghost has also all but confirmed a Christmas show, as he will not leave the show again even if Hillary Clinton wins the election.

In spite of Ghost disliking Christmas, he has said that he will send a special Christmas card to members of the Ghost Inner Circle, telling them to email him their addresses so he can send it to them.

Despite this hatred, Ghost changed his opinion regarding Christmas in late 2016, stating that "It's the time of the year when you can give something to the people who give two rats asses about you".

Ghost did his first Christmas show in five years with Capitalist Episode 418, making it a free-format show, and also had a full change of heart, playing Christmas music and getting into the "Christmas spirit". Notably during the broadcast, RaidenSnake called in to read a crude Christmas story that caused Ghost to cans.wav, much to the amusement of the trolls.



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