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The Cleveland Show Calls are a Failtroll Tactic that started on Episode 418. The calls are usually in a chain call playing the theme song to Fox's The Cleveland Show. The calls would irritate not only Ghost, but many listeners and trolls, which raised tensions in the TCR Cold War. One of these callers attempted to frame Elfoxoloco, and many others such as InsaneEnergy and MaskedPony. SharpSplicer and Teutonic Plague have also been accused of doing such calls.

Behavior and Motifs

The Cleveland Caller is widely believed to be an anti-troll whose main objective is to aggravate other trolls, rather than Ghost. On the show, he typically manages to call in about 5-20 times per episode. His calls are typically just playing the theme song over and over again. The calls have varying degrees of audio quality ranging from clear to Sub-Obamaphone, implying that the calls are taking a toll on his internet connection. While mostly considered to be an annoying asshole who is wasting time by Ghost and listeners, he has managed to pretty decently troll Ghost by putting some variety to his calls on rare occasions, showing that he could be a fully capable troll on the show if he wanted to.

He has appeared on YouTube comment sections, where he typically gives vague hints about his identity. Given how he has tried to frame other community members for his actions in the past, all of these hints are likely red herrings meant to distract people who are trying to dox him and to put the blame for his calls onto wrong community members.

Typical Discord raids done by the Cleveland Caller involve him coming into the server and spamming Rule 34 images of The Cleveland Show before he gets banned. He typically also claims responsibility for several doxes, but given how he never presents evidence for this, he probably isn't behind them and just takes responsibility for them to mess with the trolls. He doesn't tend to answer questions trolls try to ask him, with the exception of questions regarding his identity, which are typically vague and misleading hints, just like in the YouTube comments.

Possible Callers

During Episode 433, a caller made a Pizzagate joke that caused Ghost to rage quit out of pure anger along with his number being revealed. This made a riff from every chatroom calling him back, and with some threatening to dox him. On Tubguy's Tinychat room, an individual revealed that he was doing the Cleveland calls, and thought the Pizzagate joke was funny. 8Equal and the caller had a confrontation, which ended with the caller saying he will call in more, further showing the caller's true colors and that he is a rogue troll.

On Episode 434, he called in again during Radio Graffiti, and Ghost asked him why his address was on a sexual predator list, with the caller evading the question and not responding. His dox was then made public revealing, that he lived in Palmdale, CA. Despite this doxing, the Cleveland calls didn't stop, and they still plagued Radio Graffiti.

Another popular theory was that one of the Cleveland Callers (someone posing as Cleveland on /pol/ claimed that there were three Inner Circle members behind it) was an Inner Circle anti-troll named InsaneEnergy, who became relevant after fighting with several members of Tison Rockit's chatroom (Disco Waffle in particular). Despite this, no concrete evidence ever proved he was behind them, and following Disco Waffle's departure from the community in January 2018, he revealed that he intentionally accused InsaneEnergy to instigate a personal army against him.

On the pilot of Ghost's 2 hour Saturday Radio Graffiti show, Ghost began to sing along to the calls on Radio Graffiti, leading to many people to believe that it's a planned call by the Inner Circle. This led to a few remixes of the theme, including a Nickelback remix that caused Ghost to cans.wav.

On Episode 560, after an Anonymous caller played the show's theme, Ghost started singing the theme, and called out the Teutonic Plague, who he believes is the Cleveland Show Caller. Ghost re-asserted his belief that Teutonic is the Cleveland Caller in Episode 561.

As of Episode 563, Ghost no longer takes Radio Graffiti calls. As a result, the Cleveland Show trolls have seemingly come to an end. During Radio Graffiti's short-lived revival on Episode 577 and Episode 578, the Cleveland Show calls were not heard at all, to Ghost's, and many trolls pleasure. Similarly, when Ghost brought the segment back for the 600th Episode, the Cleveland Show calls once more did not return.

The Cleveland Show theme made an unexpected return in The Ghost Show Episode 2, and made Ghost cans.wav within seconds.

Other Seth MacFarlane related calls in the show

TCR has a long history of having characters from Seth MacFarlane's shows calling in, though unlike the Cleveland caller, most of them haven't been considered failtrolls. Long before the Cleveland calls in the late True Conservative Radio and early True Capitalist Radio days, Ghost regularly received calls from Herbert the Pervert, another Seth MacFarlane-inspired troll. A few callers have played audio from Family Guy in both the pre-return and post-return eras, with one notable call being audio Donald Trump talking with Peter Griffin, which caused cans. In one episode after Herbert called Ghost, Ghost mentioned that he doesn't like Seth MacFarlane, viewing him as a "fruity bastard". Despite his opinion on MacFarlane, Ghost has sometimes referenced Family Guy, most notably "Yoouuu gooott theeee AAIIIIDDDSSS!"

In Episode 456, The Cleveland Show calls were temporarily replaced with the American Dad intro, with the reactions being pretty much the same, except for giving Ghost a reason to mock [adult swim]. Some callers have also called in with other songs from The Cleveland Show besides the theme song.