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I'm a pretty rational guy, I can pretty much deduce a lot of things...


A conspiracy theory is a concept of a plan by 2 or more people to achieve a goal by secret means. The term originally meant the "theory" that an event or phenomenon was the result of conspiracy between interested parties; however, from the mid-1960s onward, it is often used to denote ridiculous, misconceived, paranoid, unfounded, outlandish or irrational theories, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary on many issues. Ghost from True Capitalist Radio is linked to several such ideas.

Is Ghost part of the NWO?

Besides the more popular Ghost the Lizard, trolls have referred to Ghost as being a member of the Illuminati, the Jewish World Order, the Freemasons, the United Nations, and other sects. Many claim that he is only pretending to not believe or take part in the NWO conspiracies to either avoid making a greater fool of himself, because he doesn't care, or he is paid to spread disinformation. 

There's also circulating theories that current Ghost is either a clone or a body double that has replaced original Ghost after he was assassinated by international conspirators. 

Ghost's History with Conspiracies

Before Ghost's Absence he was generally hostile to most conspiracies, believing mostly only conspiracies relating to politics (environmentalism, NASA and sometimes Obama's father) and not bringing them up particularly often.  

However, between this time and the Return, Ghost's belief in conspiracy theories became both deeper and broader. He became increased interested to conspiracy-theory media such as that of Alex Jones (who he formerly disliked), and Roger Stone's writing about the Bush "crime" Family's alleged responsibility for many crimes and shady behavior. Subsequently, Ghost now frequently opens up about his political conspiracy beliefs in a way that he previously did not.  

In addition, Ghost now discusses more fanciful, less realistic conspiracy theories, such as HAARP weather control and (implicitly) the theory of a "flat Earth". Many of his newer beliefs are linked to his existing dislike of NASA as well.  

Conspiracies supported by Ghost

There are many conspiracy theories that Ghost legitimately supports. Because of this, many compare him to Alex Jones (a half-truth shill). Ghost has notably become much more supportive of wacky conspiracy theories with his return in 2016, and has even warmed to Alex Jones (although he still accuses the man of ripping him off).

Earth, Space, and NASA

A popular theme for Ghost's conspiracy-theory beliefs is that most, if not all, public knowledge of space and the Earth itself is wrong and pushed by conspiratorial forces. The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plays a large role in these theories, as do parts of the military.

Space Program Hoaxes

Ghost sincerely believes that the American Moon landings were faked. Ghost claims that 'the Moon doesn't look all that different from Nevada' and that the science conducted by the Martian Rover and other projects are simply pictures of that state. Ghost has taken flak from many callers and Twitter users for these allegations (from which rose the creation of a new troll, Buzz Aldrin's Grandson).

Ghost has said that he not only believes the moon landings were faked, but that space travel is impossible and all supposed space activity, including the International Space Station and many different unmanned probes, are hoaxes. He claims to have been a large astronomy buff as a young man before "realizing" NASA's work was a hoax when photographs of distant planets from probes did not match the low-resolution images from Earth telescopes.

Operation Fishbowl/The Mysterious Barrier

Because of his belief that space travel is impossible, Ghost has occasionally ranted about the reason why, believing that there is "something" keeping spacecraft from leaving the Earth's atmosphere. He refers to Operation Fishbowl, a series of American high-altitude nuclear tests, as being an (unsuccessful) attempt by the United States government to destroy or break through the mysterious barrier. Ghost believes Russia and other nuclear powers have also tried to penetrate the barrier with similar results.


Ghost believes that the HAARP project is really a form of weather manipulation, used to create various natural disasters. When discussing the 2016 Texas floods, Ghost theorized that the government was utilizing man-made natural disasters created by HAARP as a way of suppressing secessionist feelings in Texas. He become even more steadfast in this belief as the storms and floods continued, eventually bringing it up in response to almost every flood-related trolling attempt.


Associated with his HAARP beliefs, Ghost has mentioned his belief in orgone energy and proposed making (and selling) "orgone cannons" to destroy HAARP's equipment and thwart their weather manipulation schemes. Ghost typically pronounces "orgone" as "orgon" with two short o's, thus leading to many listeners mishearing it as "argon".

Ghost has gone on rants about how the scientist who invented these cannons was subsequently imprisoned and killed. He is almost certainly referring to early 20th century psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, who first came up with the theory of orgone and built and sold a variety of allegedly orgone-powered devices. Reich did indeed die in prison, but of a heart attack while serving a two-year term for violating a court order to stop selling fraudulent medical devices.

Stephen Hawking

Ghost has claimed that wheelchair-bound physicist Stephen Hawking was an unthinking mouthpiece for NASA and other conspiratorial groups. According to Ghost, Hawking's speech synthesizer was actually controlled by these outside groups, and the man himself was kept alive, unable to act on his own, as a non-threatening front for them to disseminate their propaganda.

UFO Phenomena

Ghost doesn't believe in the existence of UFO:s and has called the idea of aliens visiting earth "The most ridiculous thing i have heard in my life". Instead he believes that the entire UFO phenomena is a massive hoax orchestrated by NASA in an effort to secure funding on the basis that UFO conspiracies prove the existence of space and life outside of Earth to some people.

Flat Earth

While he has never outright professed belief that the Earth is flat, Ghost has advocated questioning the claim that it is a spheroid. He has retweeted images by Flat Earthers claiming that the apparent curvature of the horizon is actually caused by the curvature of lenses, and attacked astrophysicist "Neil Tyson Degrassi" for saying that the Earth is "pear-shaped" (that is, very slightly larger in the southern hemisphere). In accordance with the most common Flat Earth model, where Antarctica forms an impenetrable wall along the circumference of the Earth-disk, Ghost believes (again, in spite of plentiful evidence) that humans have never explored the continent and that the government tries to suppress records of early exploration there.

Medical industry

Ghost in general shows a great deal of distrust for the medical industry and it forms one of the cornerstones of his conspiratorial beliefs along with George Soros and NASA.

Fluoridated water

Ghost also believes the addition of fluoride to drinking water since the 1940s is a government conspiracy that is used to make modern day Americans dumber and easier to control by the government.. In the first Inner Circle session, Ghost admitted that he is so paranoid about tap water that he only ever drinks bottled water that comes from springs. Additionally he talked about how Nazis used fluoridated water in concentration camps to pacify captives, despite (once again) clear lack of evidence that the Nazis ever experimented with fluoridated water


Though not a major conspiracy theory interest of Ghost's, nor a relatively uncommon belief, Ghost has expressed support for conspiracy theories claiming a link between childhood vaccinations and a variety of maladies, particularly autism. He first revealed this belief in response to the Twitter name "Weaponized Autism", derived from a 4chan joke.

Artificial Diseases

In some cases (such as in a rant in Episode 285), Ghost has implied that many new infectious diseases were made artificially by unknown institutions. He has claimed that disease agents such as Zika virus are produced industrially and available for purchase online. Ghost expanded on this substantially during his first Inner Circle chat, when he also supported the common conspiracy theory that AIDS was created and disseminated by the government to clean up "undesirables".


Ghost sees the whole practice of psychology as a one huge nonexistent pseudoscience used by "the powers that be" to make people reliant on welfare by giving them fake excuses to stay out of work and through these methods make them "materialistic zombie idiots" who blindly vote for the Democratic Party.

Head Transplants

Inspired by a caller, Ghost believes that the older generations ("Baby Boomers" in particular) are currently pushing for research into rejuvenating themselves with the body parts of young people. At the most extreme, he thinks children are being kidnapped so that their bodies can later be used for "head transplants" where an older person's head is attached a younger body.

False Flag attacks

Ever since the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, Ghost has begun to discuss the possibility that the attacks along side Sandy Hook shooting were false flag operations by the government. Ghost has based this on reports about people being brought back into the nightclub during the shooting as well as several inaccuracies in the police report about the incident and Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 that would, at least according to Ghost, make organizing such attacks legal under US law. After hearing about the assassination of British politician Jo Cox, Ghost was quick to assume this had been another false flag attack to ensure that British people wouldn't vote for Brexit. In the first Inner Circle meeting, he claimed the September 2001 anthrax attacks were also a false flag meant as a follow-up to 9/11.

Crisis Actors Conspiracy

Ghost often tries to prove these allegations by showing Craigslist ads looking for crisis actors around the area of his most recent suspected false flag attack. He has also attempted to identify similar looking people between different shootings to prove that they are hiring the same crisis actors over and over again.

September 11 Terrorist Attacks

Ghost has supported the theory that 9/11 attacks were orchestrated by American government and then-president George W. Bush. Ghost has called for the missing 28 pages on the Senate's report about 9/11 to be released, believing that they provide the crucial evidence about the U.S. government's involvement. Ghost believes that these missing pages may indict Saudi Arabia. As of July 2016, these pages have been released (albeit heavily redacted), implicating some Saudi Arabia involvement.

2017 Las Vegas Strip shooting

After hearing about initial reports of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, Ghost was quick to blame Leftists/Black Lives Matter/Islamic terrorists for the attack. After his initial assumptions were proven wrong, Ghost changed his narrative and started to believe that the whole attack was yet another false flag orchestrated by the government. He used similar "evidence" as he did with Orlando attacks to prove that the whole affair was a false flag, mainly the inconsistency with deaths/injuries compared to photographs from the scene and the weapon used, emotionless people who had been on the scene (who, according to Ghost, should be either scared or stressed out) and mysterious people shouting out things that would be out-of-place during a mass shooting.

After searching through video material with Capitalist Army, Ghost now seems to believe that people did indeed die on the attack and that it was a government supported black operation with more than one shooter involved. Ghost now points to distorted on-sight footage of security guards and people who appear to be armed pointing guns at the crowd as well as a strange light flicker (supposedly a sniper) coming from the top of the Luxor pyramid as evidence of multiple shooters.

Deaths and Assassinations

Ghost has suspected that several deaths that are attributed to natural causes or accidents where in fact orchestrated by government or conspiratorial groups after they said or did something that angered these groups.

Joan Rivers

In one episode in the Return, Ghost alleged that comedian Joan Rivers was assassinated under Barack Obama's orders. Less than two months before her death, she was recorded saying (most likely as a joke) that Obama was gay and that Michelle Obama was a transgender. Ghost believes, without any additional evidence, that this event and her death are linked.

Murder of Seth Rich

The murder of Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich around the time of the DNC leaks managed to effectively awaken many of Ghost's conspiratorial instincts. Ghost was quick to attribute his death to The Democratic Party, as well as its members and allies, believing that the assassination was orchestrated because Seth Rich was behind the DNC leaks and sacrificed his life to expose the corruption behind the party.

John Conquest

After the death of John Conquest, one of the many individuals who was suspected as Ghost's real identity, Ghost began to believe that he was assassinated because the conspiratorial groups thought he was actually Ghost. Ghost was quick to blame Trolls for his death and told them, that they now had "blood on their hands".

Persecutory Delusions

Many of the more mundane yet crazier conspiracy theories Ghost believes concern his belief that the government and associated groups are trying to suppress him in various ways.

The idea that even a tyrannical left-wing government would care about Ghost personally, among the many other right-wing pundits out there, indicates his delusions of grandeur about his broadcast's actual influence.


While it has been revealed that the United States government, particularly the National Security Administration, has been conducting large-scale surveillance on Americans for some time, Ghost believes that the extent of government surveillance on him personally extends far further. He claims to have seen "ice creams trucks outside in the middle of winter", which he believes to be surveillance vehicles, and that he lived out of hotels during his hiatus in order to avoid being caught by the watchful eye of the government. During this time, Ghost alleges that Chinese and other international agents followed him as well as Americans.


Ghost also believes that the government is actively trying to suppress his show. When BlogTalkRadio fails, for example, Ghost believes this is an intentional effort to silence him. These beliefs were further entrenched with the Double Dipping Incident, where Ghost claims two agents from the Department of Homeland Security attempted to intimidate him into ending the broadcast.

Imprisonment and Assassination

At worst, Ghost has theorized that the various organizations he opposes are plotting to imprison or assassinate him.

In Episode 365, Ghost went further off-keister about how the government was continuing to threaten and suppress him and treating him like Venezuelan terrorist "Carlos the Jackal". He heard police sirens in the distance and fretted about whether they were coming for him, then told the story of how he had seen a drone flying by the previous night. He ranted at how the trolls did not appreciate him "putting [his] life on the line". Predictably, Ghost was soon terrorized by images of him being targeted by snipers and of Hillary Clinton controlling the drones. He believed that if Hillary Clinton became president, he would have been on a list of targets to shut up or even kill as threats to her power.

When he learned of the death of the real John Conquest in October 2016, Ghost stated on Twitter that he believed Conquest was killed by government agents. He believes the government was confused by trolls alleging that Ghost was Conquest and ended up assassinating the wrong man by mistake.

George Soros

Ghost believes a large number of right-wing conspiracy theories surrounding Hungarian-American (and Jewish) businessman George Soros, collectively known as Anti-Sorosism, are true. In general, he believes Soros is at the head of a leftist globalist conspiracy and responsible for financially backing many left-wing political movements.

Collaboration with Nazi Germany

Ghost has frequently supported a right-wing conspiracy popularized by Glenn Beck that claims George Soros collaborated with the Nazis in his youth against his own Jewish people in Nazi-occupied Hungary. While Soros did witness these events when he was disguised as a son of a Hungarian government official, he never participated in the events directly as Ghost claims. Ghost often uses this interview as a proof of his collaboration with Nazis and Soros's sociopathy in general even though Soros doesn't mention working with the Nazis in the said interview.

Funding of Protests/Paid Opposition

Ghost has blamed Soros for personally funding Black Lives Matter, one of its key members, Deray Mckesson, Million Woman March, Anti-Fascist Action and other left-wing protests as a form of paid opposition and an attempt to discredit Donald Trump. Similarly, Ghost has alleged that the trolls were paid opposition from the DNC as one of many excuses for their behavior.

Global Communist Takeover

A lot of Ghost's conspiracy theories, including some of the oldest ones in TCR history, revolve around his fears of a global communist state that the world's elites and various international organizations are trying to bring this into reality through globalism, political correctness, feminism, welfare, pussification of males and various other things he doesn't like. These are often associated with Ghost's beliefs about Freemasons, The Illuminati and Deep State.

Climate Change

Ghost is a supporter of the hypothesis that man-made climate change is non-existent. While this wouldn't be considered a radical position in and of itself, the fact that he attributes global warming as a global conspiracy and an attempt at communist indoctrination makes it a tad crazier than it would normally be.

Other Conspiracy Theories


Ghost also believes that Masons are in control of the world, and that they've been teaching everyone false information and controlling them with symbols, such as the male and female symbols on bathrooms, resulting in no one having free will. He's also stated that because the Masons are teaching everyone lies, that God no longer cares about everyone doing good in the world because the evil ones aren't being punished. Ghost went on a 40 minute After Show rant on Episode 248 to indulge in this theory, which can be heard here. It should be noted that this contradicts that Ghost said that he is a God fearing man and has on multiple occasions prayed on air.

Ghost also believes that Freemasons were originally a benevolent group who rose up as a secular force against the church and the monarchies, helping build United States and other modern societies, but were taken over by the nefarious Illuminati who used the power that the Masons possessed to their own gain and rule the world to this day.

Pizzagate/Child kidnappings/Child prostitution rings

After suspicions began to rise about some of the DNC leaks being possibly related to a child prostitution ring, Ghost has numerous times talked about child kidnappings and what he believes to be a large scale media blackout orchestrated by the government about the subject. According to Ghost, vast majority of these kidnappings are orchestrated by a government supported child prostitution ring that has offered its "services" to various politicians such as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and the government keeps a media blackout surrounding the kidnappings to avoid their cover being blown.

Ghost also talked about the case of Johnny Gosch and how he believes that Gosch was kidnapped by the child prostitution ring and was given the alias Jeff Gannon when he worked under forced prostitution for both Bush junior and senior. Ghost has used images of George W. Bush getting unusually sensual around Gannon, an old image of George H. W. Bush and who he believes to be younger Johnny Gosch with him, as well as Gosch's mothers statement that she believes Jeff Gannon is really Gosch.

Obama's father

Ghost is an avid fan of the documentary "Dreams from my Real Father", which details a massive conspiracy theory linking Obama as the son of a Communist party member, Frank Marshall Davis (naturally, two Twitter names, 'Ghost Marshall Davis' and 'Frank Marshall Albin' appeared). Ghost has frequently indulged in rants in post-Return episodes on the plausibility of these links, and defends the creator of the film, Joel Gilbert, from his discrediting in the media.

Slave Trade Denialism/Origin of Black People

Ghost, in what is perhaps his most bizarre and unique conspiratorial belief, spent a large amount of time in one instance supporting a theory that black Americans are not, as commonly attested, the descendants of slaves brought from Africa. Instead, Ghost has asserted, black slaves in the Americas were bred by colonists from Austronesian and Native American ancestors, despite plentiful historical and biological evidence to the contrary.

In his third Gab broadcast, Ghost defended Kanye West's controversial statements when he had claimed that 400 years of slavery sounded to him like a choice. Ghost went on to claim that Triangular trade between Europe, Africa and America would've been impractical in the 1500 to 1700 time period if the European traders had come to Africa only for the sake of capturing slaves. He also claimed that the only two documented cases of slave rebellions, despite documented evidence of hundreds of such events and found the idea that black people could be subjugated in a state like Georgia with 80% black population to be extremely unlikely.

FEMA Camps

Ghost is a strong believer in the FEMA Camps conspiracy theory, as evidenced by a couple episodes since The Return. He warns Troll Terrorists that they will be "sucking Soylent Green from a machine at a FEMA camp" if (according to Ghost, when) martial law is enacted. Ghost believes that large structures such as big box stores are being constructed under FEMA's supervision to be converted into FEMA camps when necessary.

Nature of the World

Tying in strongly with his bizarre religious beliefs, Ghost believes that the Earth is being used by the "creator of this world" (identified with the Abrahamic God) as a form of hell for the inhabitants of another universe, under the watch of the Satanic "god of this world". This belief ties in strongly with his conspiratorial tendencies, as he sees groups like the Illuminati and Freemasons as composed of individuals who have come to realize this and are willing to commit evil acts because of it.

Deep State

Ghost is convinced that the Deep State is an organization of people trying to remove or embarrass Donald Trump as president through propaganda. He has suspected that former 2012 Republican Vice President candidate/current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the former 2008 Republican Presidential candidate/Arizona Senator John McCain, former president Barack Obama and other people from both primary parties against Trump are part of the Deep State.