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A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency, virtual currency or alternative currency. Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control as opposed to centralized electronic money and central banking systems. The decentralized control of each cryptocurrency works through distributed ledger technology, typically a blockchain, that serves as a public financial transaction database.

The decentralized nature and the lack of governmental control over cryptocurrencies has managed to attract a number of investors to try their luck with them, something that has not gone unnoticed by Ghost.

Ghost's Coverage

From early 2017, Ghost started to shift the focus of his markets section towards cryptocurrencies which he correctly speculated to significantly increase in value in the future and even hinted at the possibility that it will replace the Central Banking System. Ghost has recommended people to begin hoarding it as much as possible as a long term (2-3 year) investment. He has recommended people to use Exodus and Jaxx as their digital wallets and to acquire a third party debit card that you can fill on your own to avoid possible problems with banks trying to stop cryptocurrency transactions and to use Changelly service and Livecoin trading for transferring between the currencies. For mining purposes he recommends people to use Genesis Mining server farms or possibly a self assembled rig if you have the money, time and technical know-how to work with such devices. Recently as an alternative to these more complicated mining processes, Ghost has begun promoting a program named Honeyminer, which claims to make it profitable for even a laptop to mine Crypto.

Cryptocurrencies commonly discussed in broadcasts


Symbol Notes
Bitcoin BTC Ghost often criticizes Bitcoin because of its antiquated design and believes that another coin will replace it as the gold standard of the cryptocurrency world as soon as people start learning about other coins. Ghost has also begun claiming that we will see at least one more major run on Bitcoin up to a considerable amount once the markets recover.
Bitcoin Cash BCH Ghost has praised this coin for being a better alternative to the main Bitcoin, due to its faster transaction times and lower fees.
Bitcoin Gold BCG Ghost likes this coin due to the fact that it is very easily mineable with a GPU.
Bitcoin Diamond BCD This coin was initially at the center of some Gab Shoutout names in late 2017 due to an Inner Circle member, Norwegian Capitalist, losing lots of money on a bad play on this coin. Recently, Ghost has encouraged people to keep an eye on this coin due to a group that is supposedly pumping and dumping it.
United Bitcoin UBTC Ghost covered this coin briefly in 2018 due to it being airdropped to all holders of Qtum on a monthly basis. Often mistakenly referred to as "Bitcoin United" by Ghost.
Bitconnect BCC This coin was covered very little by Ghost before being discarded early on as a scam. Pulled an exit scam in January 2018, losing billions of dollars in value overnight.
Dash DASH Praised by Ghost because of its fast transfer fees and low circulation, despite having nothing special about it.
Ethereum ETH Ghost favored this coin in early 2017 but he mostly stopped covering the coin on the show after finding out that its creators are socialists. He has also criticized its buggy smart contract technology and infinite minability that will in the long term inevitably lead into inflation.
Ripple XRP Ghost has frequently referred to this as a shitcoin because of the high amount of dumb money going into it, as well as the high circulating supply, and the fact that the creators have tens of billions of the coin in a "digital vault" that they will one day unleash unto the market, causing a massive decrease.
Litecoin LTC Ghost believes this coin has potential, but has high contempt for its creator, Charlie Lee, specifically over his twitter activity, calling him a "bowl of rice a day eating autist". Recently Ghost has been more skeptical of this coin due to Charlie Lee, stating that he may have completely ruined the coin's potential for good.
Ethereum Classic ETC Ghost has recently started covering this coin more frequently due to its listing on the major exchange Coinbase, praising Capitalist Mao for calling that it would be listed. Ghost has also suggested that in the near future this coin will be mined more often due to the impending reduction in block rewards for miners who mine Ethereum.
Cardano ADA Ghost suspects that this is a scam/shitcoin.
TRON TRX Ghost suspects that this is a scam/shitcoin.
IOTA MIOTA Ghost suspects that this is a scam/shitcoin.
Monero XMR Ghost suspects this coin was created by a brony, though praises it for its privacy technology.
GameCredits GAME Prior to The Break, Ghost covered this coin as an interesting one to look into, due to the platform based on the coin being built up as a digital distribution platform for games, similar to Steam, Origin and uPlay.
SALT SALT One of Ghost's other primary investments outside of Qtum and 42 coin. Ghost believes this coin will take off once all the regulations of its lending technology are approved, and has given this coin out as a reward for his Internet Scavenger Hunts.
Zcash ZEC Ghost is mining this coin. He has favored this coin because of its privacy component, low circulation and the number of important people and institutions that have invested in it.
Dogecoin DOGE Ghost has called this out as yet another shitcoin because of infinite minability and value purely based on its popularity as a meme.
FunFair FUN Ghost favors this coin because of its innovative blockchain design, that being specifically internet gambling and gaming.
Basic Attention Token BAT Ghost believes this token has potential due to it being a great way to pay content creators, as well as its innovative advertising system, and connections to the Brave web browser. Ghost also sometimes mistakenly refers to this token as "Basic Attention Coin".
Steem STEEM Ghost covered this coin in early 2017 along side its website/platform, Steemit, due to the ability to be paid for making posts. Ghost has not covered it since The Break.
EOS EOS Ghost has frequently called this coin a shitcoin due to its rocky mainnet start, and the fact that its technology pales in comparison to other coins such as Qtum.
Qtum QTUM Currently Ghost's primary investment alongside 42 coin. Ghost has praised this coin for its improved smart contract technology and Proof-Of-Stake mining, and believes that it will one day surpass Ethereum.
Bodhi BOT Ghost covered this coin for a short time due to it being airdropped for every holder of Qtum, and later covered it again briefly when all holders of the coin were airdropped BOE (Bodhi on Ethereum).
Emercoin EMC Ghost wrote an article about this coin during The Break and he hasn't talked much about the coin since, outside of briefly bringing up a story of an Inner Circle member who poured a lot of money into it and profited majorly.
42 Coin 42 Ghost and the Inner Circle are supposedly the official spokespeople of this coin, however many ex-Inner Circle members and leakers claim this coin is a planned pump-and-dump by the IC and Ghost. Ghost has recommended this coin as a safe haven during contractions in the market, stating that usually when the market is down, 42 coin is up. Due to Ghost's large support for this coin, trolls have taken advantage of this by making Shoutout names and Radio Graffiti calls insulting 42 Coin and enraging Ghost.