Cryptocurrency Wishing Well

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The Cryptocurrency Wishing Well is the successor of Ghost's Cryptocurrency hotline. It was introduced during Episode 569, to replace the old Crypto hotline after failtrolls called the Crypto hotline with declined or fraudulent credit cards to cause said hotline to be permanently discontinued. This incident caused Ghost to rant about credit card and wire fraud.

Ghost has utilized this as a means of gathering donations, and utilizing it as payment for certain things, such as offering to send people Production Notes if they pay $25 in Crypto, as well as recently offering to give people a year's access to the TCR chatroom for $50 in crypto due to Gab's payments being cut off.


Obviously, the idea of Ghost asking for donations led to many Shoutout names, and upon Radio Graffiti's short-lived revival, Tub Guy made a call offering to hop in Ghost's "Wishing Tub", causing rage.


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