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Cuckolding is a sexual practice in which a married man, usually someone very weak and pathetic, gets a majority of his sexual pleasure solely through watching other alpha males have their way with his adulteress wife. It has recently become an internet meme, with effeminate or milquetoast men (and sometimes women) being referred to as "cucks." The term has since taken on political connotations, being used to refer to individuals or groups who refuse to stand up for themselves or allow themselves to be mistreated for one reason or another.

The subject and concept of cuckolding absolutely disgusts Ghost, and since The Return, has gone through multiple rants about how pathetic he believes the practice is. This, of course, spun off into a new trolling tactic like Crippled Ghost and Flooded Texas where trolls taunted Ghost for supposedly being a cuck himself.

Since then Ghost has adopted the term "Cuckold Connoisseur" to describe feminine sounding and acting men or men he just doesn't like. Ghost has also now used the word "cuckoldery" to refer to liberals defending Islam and LGBTQ simultaneously and people who defend the European Union, NATO, United Nations and other international bureaucratic unions.