Daniel Bryan Splices

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This is freaking internet buttstalker-esqe man, I mean good God!"

"Right when that stupid background music comes on it makes me sick


Daniel Bryan Splices are a method of trolling Ghost that began during Radio Graffiti in May of 2016. They were started by a troll named Thai Fruit Dragon along with his various Skype accounts, and since then several other trolls have begun utilizing the idea. They consist of playing a clip of Ghost's voice repeatedly, often during the same broadcast in which Ghost said the clip. They began on roughly the 4th of May 2016 and increased in frequency over the following two weeks.

The original call was a clip of Ghost saying "yes" repeatedly over the a rock cover of the Flight of the Valkyries - a reference to the former WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan's catchphrase, which became popular during 2013-14. Ghost expressed confusion at this splice - which was almost immediately followed by another remix of Ghost saying "no" at roughly the same rhythm over the same music - a reference to Bryan's later heel persona.

This was followed eventually by "hambone," "Jew," "herpes," and "I just said that" among others. Ghost has found them increasingly irritating the more and more frequently they've been used. During episode 262, after about a week of these calls, Ghost nearly had a complete meltdown over the calls, of which there were at least 7, comparing them to the Internet Buttstalker, a regular troll who used to call multiple times per broadcast. He also finds it quite upsetting that these splices are made mid-broadcast and has referred to this as "freaky."

Sometimes these calls have used Discussion -HEAT UP- as background music instead of the Flight of the Valkyries metal cover.

Thanks to a countless number of chain-calls overusing this method, the Daniel Bryan Splice has almost immediately become a stale, tired forced meme vehemently hated by much of the community, and has for the most part, been replaced with other variations of trolling that involve replaying Ghost's voice, such as Half a Tard Ghost.

The troll returned on the 50th episode of The Ghost Show on the first call of Radio Graffiti with Ghost saying "faggot", pissing off Ghost. During 2021, Daniel Bryan Splices started to resurface. With barely any success compared to the Return Era.

Still think this is a decent trolling tactic these days?