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★ ★ ★ Winner of: TCR Fan of the Year at the 2011 Ghosties ★ ★ ★


DarkRazorZ (also known as DRZ or Jon) was the primary uploader of Ghost's videos during the 2011-2012 TCR era (From The Return onward, Elfoxoloco has  become the primary uploader). He also has a Tinychat, though it is password protected. To gain access, simply prove your worth as a troll or pester someone for the password. However, DarkRazorZ is hardly ever in his own chat, and many of the people that do occupy his chat could barely be considered trolls. His first upload was the source of many new listeners to the True Capitalist Radio broadcast. Because of this, DarkRazorZ has quite a few people who dislike him, since they believe he was the cause of the newfag rush, after summer 2011. To add fuel to the fire, for a very long time, DarkRazorZ's videos were the top results when someone searches for "4chan trolls" on YouTube. His videos also cut out many of the Failtrolls. However, in fairness, he is a major reason the fan base of the show is so strong, with Ghost even admitting that a large portion of his audience is due to DarkRazorZ's videos.

DarkRazorZ is currently enlisted in the United States Air Force, and is currently married (most likely to Tri$ha, although he denies this).

DarkRazorZ released a video in June 2014 announcing he was being moved from South Korea where he was stationed. He mentions he might upload more stuff that he didn't have a chance to beforehand, on weekends.


DarkRazorZ has become somewhat of a leader among the trolls despite the fact that he does not actively troll Ghost outside of Twitter. He uploads YouTube videos for each episode; normally Radio Graffiti and Twitter shoutouts. He also runs the "Melting Pot of Friendship" fan page. During the Ghosties, Ghost acknowledged the work of DarkRazorZ in attracting a majority of his audience.

He has also uploaded videos of Debi Daly and Goofy Bone in the past, but gave up due to their shows being too boring.

Brony/Not a brony

DarkRazorZ, despite being a fan of the show My Little Pony, does not claim to be a "brony." He has said that he is against all labels and, though he likes the show, that he does not subscribe to the surrounding fandom. However he has revealed his liking of the show to his parents and has used and continues to use MLP images for his avatars. He is also fairly friendly with many of the brony trolls that surround the show, including transtesticle Tri$ha. Around Feburary 2012, DarkRazorZ explained via tweets that he guesses he technically is a brony, but he just hates a lot of things about the fandom (such as Rule 34 and overreactions to very menial things, such as "Derpy"); he doesn't like to be associated with these types of bronies.

Gbagb0b0b0 Incident

Ghost insults DarkRazorZ for his offer

Despite not really trolling Ghost, he does often make fun of him and has been highly critical of Ghost on occasion. DRZ has especially been critical of Ghost's merchandise, mainly because he believes it to be overpriced crap. This was the basis for the Gbagb0b0b0 Incident. During this dispute, DarkRazorZ was very supportive of Gbagb0b0b0 and criticized Ghost for mocking Gbagb0b0b0. Ghost responded to DarkRazorZ's criticism of his merchandise and his reaction by posting a YouTube message DRZ sent to Ghost in October suggesting he sell merchandise and even offering to advertise the merchandise for a cut of the profits.


DarkRazorZ, due to his current enlisted status, no longer has the time to upload Ghost highlights to his Youtube, with his last upload being a simple re-upload of the Emergency Broadcast from 2016.

Following his Twitter being consistently pestered by certain TCR listeners, he would announce that his Youtube and the Facebook page, Melting Pot of Friendship, would be shut down shortly. This has not happened and the page remains, albeit inactive. Some users backed up all of his uploads in the event he deletes everything. His public twitter was locked at one point, with his cover art and description hinting that Twitter suspended him, however, his Twitter is currently open and remains unbanned.

Most recently, DarkRazorZ appeared in the Youtube chatroom during The Ghost Show Episode 3.

On August 19, 2022, DarkRazorZ's YouTube and Twitter accounts were suspended. Leaving YouTube mostly clear of old highlight clips of True Capitalist Radio erased after Elfoxoloco's YouTube channel was also suspended a few months prior.


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