Darkblane Incident

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Darkblane Incident

Date June 17, 2019
Location The Ghost Show
  • Darkblane's FurAffinity page still under question
  • Kevin's video is unlisted/removed
  • Jackler airs rebuttal of accusations on the Jackler Show
  • J-Man takes a hiatus from TCR over Ghost's handling of the case
Darkblane257 Jackler
  • Kevin
  • Ghost's chatroom
Outer & Public Circle
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Darkblane Incident was another "serious caller exposed" moment that likely changed the course of the Ghost Show, which began as minor squabbles between a serious caller and Ghost's chatroom.


Darkblane257 is a listener who claimed to be a fan of Ghost's show, calling up to give shout outs to Ghost, his Inner Circle, and then Markiplier & Jacksepticeye. When he wasn't doing it, he was picking fights with trolls in the chatroom. It's also believed that Darkblane was looking to "betray" Ghost on his own accord, but the other trolls were looking to bust him sooner.

The trolls were quick to find a FurAffinity account of a Darkblane257 and the disturbing content that the account favorited. One of the trolls in the Public Circle, Kevin, went to the page and recorded some footage so Ghost could witness it. He initially previewed the uncensored video to his troll colleagues, but because some of them argued that showing naughty bits would get the episode banned from YouTube, he had to take some extra time to blur them and re-upload it.

Day of the Incident

In Episode 70 during Ghost's usual glance at his 15 buckers, the video was brought up. Ghost was predictably disgusted and shocked in disbelief, and he asked Darkblane to call up on Radio Graffiti to explain this. It's worth noting that this confirmed the first RG in three shows due to Ghost ragequitting out of the other two, giving hype to other trolls including J-Man Capitalist who was helping Kevin and also hated Darkblane and the failtrolls that happened to be in the same chatroom as him.

A short time later, an anonymous donator claimed Jackler was somehow involved in this perversion, prompting Ghost to invite Jackler to RG as well.

Because Darkblane was initially unaware of what was going on, Ghost took advantage of him to have him say that Jackler and his crew were "blackmailing him" and that "they were putting words in his mouth". Jackler attempted to give his side of the story, but he kept getting cut off by Ghost. Kevin also attempted to call in, but he didn't get picked up.

At this point it's unknown how the show itself will proceed, but Ghost said that on Wednesday he and his viewers will have a normal show and "pretend that [it] never happened". Jackler aired an episode the following day to explain his side of the story and have Kevin on the line so he could explain his side as well.

Ghost's hypocritical behavior during the phone calls gave J-Man enough reason to "quit" as he considered Ghost's shows a complete farce, and he posted on his channel to confirm that. However, he only took a two-month break between episodes 81 and 91.


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