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Debi Daly is a Blog Talk Radio host and a 'serious caller' on Ghost's True Capitalist Radio show. She broadcasts regularly and her shows frequently consist of her talking for 2 hours on many different subjects, ranging from her farting problem to child rape. Because of her apparent friendship with Ghost, she is constantly and consistently trolled and she is the second-most popular host to be targeted by 4chan over the years.


Debi's show is unique due to its complete lack of a recurrent format. Instead, Debi's shows are often focused on a single topic decided either prior to the show or derived from conversation(s). Sometimes, she'll test out her apparent psychic skills or rant about her lord and savior Jesus Christ; sometimes she'll also talk about her past as a drug addict or the one time she stole a baby.

Her trolls are often themselves the topic of conversation. One episode, for instance, started off with a rant against the troll Wild Goose. She accused Goose of being a homosexual and then used a slur against him. She then told another troll, Dr. Herpington, to "an hero" (kill himself). Encyclopedia Dramatica has an article that basically explains her BTR history and history with trolls and other hosts, much of which doesn't have any connection to Ghost.


Though Debi's audience is much smaller than Ghosts, she still has a group of very dedicated trolls that attempt to annoy or "expose" her. While on one hand, Debi claims that the trolls are obsessed with her, listeners will often hear her rant about how she is innocent and has, in fact, never done anything to deserve the trolling. She has also accused the trolls of stalking her in real life and planting a radio-like device in her backyard to monitor her, lading people to believe that she seems to be just as obsessed with the trolls as she claims the trolls are obsessed with her. Sometime after Ghost went on his absence from 2012 to 2015, trolling on her show has dwindled.

Debi's Doctor

Debi has had her very own doctor use Twitter in order for Debi to find out about any results for medical tests she has taken. Unfortunately for Debi, the doctor's account had been hacked and the private information was released to the TCR community at large. Findings include a test that was positive for Gonorrhea, as well as a biopsy report, positive for cancer, on a tumor taken from her vagina. As for how long Debi has to live, nothing on that has been revealed yet.

Interactions with Ghost

Debi will sometimes call up to Ghosts show to either comment on a story or to just say hi to Ghost. Though it is possible Ghost recognizes her number, he seems to purposely wait until the end of the show to take her calls. He will let her speak and then quickly kick her off.

Interestingly, when Ghost was brought to a corner by the Angry Mom on Episode 118, Debi Daly was the one Ghost called upon to aid him in his verbal battle with the woman.

Ghost used to call into her show every once in a blue moon, talking about whatever he was going to do or did on his own show that day. However, he finally expressed his true feelings about her in a Paltalk stream on February 2012, which went as follows: "...Are you kidding me? Freakin' Debi Daly, I mean, what is this broad's problem, man? I don't even know this bitch....Jesus Christ. 53 year old woman's got (sic) a Mexican, he's a bail bondsman for Christ's sake, she doesn't have to do a goddamn thing, yet she's still finding drama..."

Debi often tweeted at Ghost during his 2012-2015 hiatus, usually asking for him to do his show again, much to people's amusement. However, she was unaware that it was someone impersonating him. Her Twitter is currently private, so it's unknown if she tried to contact Ghost on Twitter after his return and before his Twitter ban.

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