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Disco Waffle was a Splice / Remix maker that became popular in 2016 for a few of his splices, the first of which were played in the beginning of August in 2016. He was also frequently a part of Twitter Shoutouts under the same name, and credited with co-creating the TCR Crusaders Chatroom with Twilie Atkins. Disco Waffle was a well known brony in Ghost's Inner Circle, before being voted out by the group.

Avatar used by Disco Waffle back when he was involved with the TCR community

The Body Pillow Incident

During the Body Pillow raid of Ghost, where people were photoshopping images onto body pillows to troll Ghost, Disco Waffle jumped in the action, making ones of the Teutonic Plague and MaskedPony, causing Ghost to cans.wav multiple times and even had it seem like Ghost was crying. But the most infamous of the ones made was on the day after; a body pillow of one of Leslie Jones's nudes. This caused Ghost to go on a ten minute soliloquy about whether or not Leslie Jones was a woman or had "a one inch pudd".

Elfoxo-Waffle Incident 

Late 2016 era of True Capitalist Radio saw increasing tensions between brony and non-brony fans of True Capitalist Radio after incidents such as the 2016 MaskedPony Incident, the FBI Call Incident, Ghost's decision to sell pony autographs as well as an increasing amount of brony callers which most non-bronies found annoying gave TCR fans an increasingly negative view of the community. This shift in attitudes became evident in December 2016, after Elfoxoloco refused to allow bronies in the comment section of his videos anymore, he received a dislike-bomb and hate comments and eventually a dox attempt. This led him to hold a poll on Twitter if he should outright cut Brony calls from his uploads, which ended in a tie. He stated he decided to remove them anyway due to the tie, causing some backlash from some bronies.

The drama continued when he blamed Disco Waffle for plagiarizing a splice by YouTube user UgandanPizzaPolice. Disco Waffle proceeded to defend himself from these allegations by pointing out that he didn't take the content directly from UgandanPizzaPolice and that his content fell under fair use since he had added Ghost's voice to his splice. Disco ultimately deleted the video containing the splice after UgandanPizzaPolice preceded to threaten him with a DMCA strikedown. The incident caused Elfoxo's already strained relationship with the brony community to deteriorate even further and most members of TCR brony community and TheBronyNetwork currently remain blocked from commenting on his videos on YouTube.

Elfoxo later admitted that he and UgandanPizzaPolice had orchestrated the whole incident just to mess with Disco Waffle and that the whole DMCA strikedown threat had been a bluff.

It was later revealed that Disco Waffle potentially had the same diaper fetish as MaskedPony when Elfoxo tweeted out a link to a Derpibooru page that contained Pampers & Ponies themed art of Disco Waffle, Masked Pony and Twilie Atkins in which the uploader had indicated that Disco Waffle had commissioned them to make the art. Disco Waffle did acknowledge on Twitter that the artwork was made as part of a joke but denied further involvement beyond.

The TCR Cold Wars

After the Elfoxo-Waffle incident and being voted out of the Inner Circle because of it, Disco became a major player in the TCR Cold War drama. In Feburary of 2017, Disco invited a troll by the name of SuperSmash into the server to mediate a conflict between him and SharpSplicer. SharpSplicer later entered the TCR Crusaders Chat, and, under the impression that they were defending SuperSmash for using Audio from a chat in which he was called out, along with being under the impression that they were defending MaskedPony for allegedly calling SharpSplicer's girlfriend a cow, had members of Tubguy's server raid the TCR Crusaders chat, ultimately claiming to take sides with Elfoxoloco. In retaliation to having the Crusaders chatroom raided, Disco Waffle posted Raldy's dox at the end of Ghost's show on Feburary 14th. This corroborated with the KingEdUndead Doxing/Pizza Incident, leaving Raldy to believe that his dox had came from the Inner Circle and that KingEdUndead was involved. Despite the lack of proof, Raldy held a poll in his chatroom to have KingEdUndead banned. When the chatroom voted against banning him, Raldy held a rigged second poll in which he cited as justification for banning him and many others that defended him. These banned members, along with Disco Waffle, would form an independent chatroom led by Tison Rockit.

Meanwhile during the First TCR Cold War and Second TCR Cold War, Disco would go on to dox several other members of the TCR community and some Inner Circle members during the Inner Circle Leaks incident. He stated in a pastebin given to the mod team of La Casa de Trolls that his justification for the Inner Circle leaks was as a ploy to prevent the Inner Circle from going after anyone else in the community and to get revenge on Elfoxoloco. This would prompt Ghost to put out a bounty on the leaker's head, but nobody had suspected Disco at the time. Shortly after this, Elfoxoloco had his dox posted on the comments section of the TCR wiki, though Disco stated in his pastebin that he was not the one behind it.

The End

On January 15th, 2018, Disco was banned from La Casa De Trolls chat after a minor incident between the moderators. Following this, he released a text file revealing that he had been behind several ploys against both the Inner Circle and other members of the community: The doxing of the Inner Circle members in March, the doxing of SharpSplicer, and the doxing and framing of InsaneEnergy as the Cleveland Caller. The text file had also stated that after his ban from La Casa, he would leave the community.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiscoWaffle

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg4GfSigRaoOmwO5sRfepVA